Fish splash so gently

Warm water in the cold air

Sand beneath my feet

Winter's End

Water dripping slow

Coal and a carrot fall down

A snowman's last day

The Beach

Gentle tides flow in

Water steals the yellow sun

Lapping at the sand

The Little Boy

Lost, scared, and alone

A child screams into the night

No help comforts him

Fading Slowly

Nighttime enfolds me

Darkness creeps into my head

My light fades slowly

Grandma's Attic

Mice scurry quickly

Spiders crawling across their webs

Grandma's old attic


Branches bend slowly

Leaves rustle so quietly

Autumn's first evening


A broken heart cries

Teardrops fall unceasingly

From eyes red with pain

A New Sun Will Rise

I lay down my head

No matter how dark the night

A new sun will rise