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She's so close, I can feel the heat radiating from her body, but in reality she's in the seat next to me. She's resting her chin on her hand and from the corner of my eye, I'm surveying how petite she is. She's smiling a secret smile and stolen glances, I know. I find it funny that she's watching my mouth and so, to make her laugh I stick my tongue out, the silver of my tongue ring shining in the evening light. A velvet giggle issues from her throat and in turn, makes me grin. Something about the way her legs curve and cross makes me want to stop breathing.

At the lake, she slips off her sandals and steps into the warm water. Her feet are tiny and it makes me grin. She glances at me and then does a double take.

"What's so funny?" she asks with a smile of her own.

"Your feet."

"My feet? Why are my feet funny?"

"They're itty bitty little feet." I'm laughing full on now. She raises an eyebrow.

"You're making fun of how small my feet are." She's says blankly.

"No, I'm not. I think they're cute."

"Sure." She continues to walk down the shore of the lake, ankle deep in the water. As she glides away from, I gaze at her form. She's beautiful in a small, unobtrusive way. Her looks aren't striking, but her eyes catch you in a way that is almost scary. The way she sways her hips is enticing and I have to stop myself from catching up to her and grabbing her by them.

Later, we're back at the car. We're about to leave to find some swings. But for now, we're enjoying our cigarettes. She's a strong woman and I would have guessed her to be a bit aggressive about smoking, but she's dainty, almost fragile seeming. The cigarette sits between her slim, short fingers and when she brings it to her lips I can feel the familiar stirrings in my groin. I don't realize I'm staring.

"What's up?" she asks, cocking her head to the side. A smirk plays on her lips.

"Nothing. Just watching you. Is that OK?"

"Sure. I don't see what's so interesting about me, but sure."

When we get to her house, I don't want to let her out of the car. I want to drive away, to somewhere unknown and sweep her off her feet as they say. I want to make her fall in love with me. I settle for enveloping her in a tight embrace, enjoying the feel of her in my arms, if only for the moment. She slides her hands up and down my back and then lets me go. She smiles, waves and walks inside, as I drive home. Back to reality, back to my girlfriend, back to nowhere.

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