a/n: Here's a little metaphorical something about this guy I've known most of my life who does not and will never know I exist... 07/29/2007

The Lighthouse

He is a lighthouse

a beacon in the darkness

against the raging waves

He guides, he steers

He calms

The hundreds of ships across all the oceans

He will berth each boat that comes to port

and tend

and send off

each with and on its own time

He remains constant and steady

He shall never falter

He radiates and calls

but will never move

Being a lighthouse, he shall go nowhere

and see nothing more

than his often empty shores

Watching happiness sail on by...

For my love, I can help him not

For I am myself the same--a lighthouse

a beacon in the same darkness

From the opposite shore

I watch as he steers

and find calm in his faint and distant constancy

for he will never see me, never move

and we both shall go nowhere