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April 18, 2004

"Ok Madison this isn't funny you know I hate being blindfolded. Are we there yet?" asked an agitated Alexus.

"You know normally people are happy on their birthday, especially when they are about to receive a surprise." stated Madison matter-o-factly as she continued to lead Alexus down the block.

They turned a corner and Madison couldn't help but feel the excitement well up inside of her at the sight of the gift Alexus was about to receive. She lead the girl further into the lot where Rowan, Ella, the Channings and the Stefanos awaited with a plethora of students from Maxwell-Irving. Receiving a nod from Bart Stefano, Alexus' father she untied the blindfold.

Feeling the sunlight on her previously darkened eyes Alexus winced slightly at the brightness but all her previous feelings were seemingly drowned a the sight of an all black beginners crotch rocket gleaming in the light that previously plagued her.

"Holy fucking shit!" exclaimed the excited sixteen year old as she sprinted towards the bike oblivious to her mothers disapproving glare at her choice of words.

She ran her hands down the curves of the vehicle from the handlebars to the end of the seat in awe. Her father stepped forward and clapped a hand on her back.

"So did we do good, buggy?" asked the aging man.

"Yeah dad, real good. Thanks this is exactly what I've been dreaming of." replied Alexus looking at her father with eyes shining.

"Well its yours, Happy Birthday!" laughed out Bart.

Alexus swung her leg over and sat down. She stayed like that for a few seconds before she was brought back into the real world by Madison placing a kiss on the side of her cheek.

"Happy Birthday Lexus." she stated as she handed her friend a customized helmet to go with her bike.

"Sweet, thank Maddy! Wanna ride?" asked Alexus.

"Yeah but you've got to attend to your party guests first." replied Madison.

Alexus chuckled at her own excitement and slid off the bike. She walked into the middle of the party and was greeted by many different people. After a couple hours and hundreds of hugs it seemed like Alexus was back on her bike smiling wickedly. Madison walked over and stood next to her.

"You ready for that ride Maddy?" inquired Alexus still staring at her new possession.

"Of course but your mom told me to remind you to stay in the city and go the speed limit. Oh and for us to wear our helmets."


"Yeah your dad figured I'd be on the bike almost as much as you so he graciously bought me a helmet to wear when I'm with you." explained Madison.

Alexus just nodded and patted the space behind her on the seat. Madison hopped herself on the bike and they both put their helmets on. After wrapping her arms securely around the taller girls waist Madison leaned in close and Alexus took off.

Disregarding her mothers rules for her first ride on the bike Alexus took off down a well know stretch of road which lead to the highway. Picking up speed and hearing Madison squeal with delight added to the birthday girls adrenaline. It only took them forty minutes to get the lake house. Where they celebrated Alexus birthday even more with movies and ice cream until they both passed out with smiles etched onto their faces.