The sun was down, making the world dark and ominous. The rain didn't help the image that night had already cast. It made the world darker, colder, and more distant. A fitting end for Eva, she mused as she looked out the carriage window. Anger, fear, and dread filled her—and hate. Mostly at her for believing that they would let her live if she did what they wanted. She hated herself for that and that alone. "This is gratitude for you…" she muttered, propping her elbow on the door and her head on her knuckled.

"Be quiet, necromancer."

"Um, hate to burst your bubble, but I'm not a necromancer. It's sorceress. As in a female sorcerer." She sighed and glanced at him. He wasn't listening. "How can you tell me to be quiet if you don't even listen to me." She crossed her arms then and added, "It's rude."

"Be quiet."

Eva rolled her eyes and put her feet up on the seat across from her. She stared at her black leather lace-up boots. No one would believe her that they were burned to that way. Her eyes flowed up to her legs under the pure white foreign pants known as hakama (skirt-like pants). Her eyes continued to her talisman. The old language was rare to see even to fellow spell casters that she met along her journey here. The talisman read 'Seal of the Demon'. Her tunic was off-white from the age of it. She had it from the beginning of the adventure. Now she'd have it until the end of the adventure.

It took her seven years to find all the parts to the Mirror of Rahzen—one whole year for each part: The Mirror, the five marbles of the elements (fire, water, air, earth, metal), and the base. Looking back, she figured she had wasted her time. With a huff, Eva watched her reflection in the bad window of the carriage as a lightning bolt light up the sky. She wondered why people couldn't just leave them windowless—they never had cuts as deep from accidents when they didn't have glass on them. Her reflection made her smile a little. Females didn't have high ranks in these days, so she had to look more like a boy. Her hair being cut short—barely above the ears—and the white headband helped her illusion in life. Her having a flat chest helped too. In the reflection, her eyes were a bright, light blue—like a husky's. She could change the colors easily. Though, when her energy is down, her eyes show their natural color—like now.

Eva crossed her arms again—never noticing that she uncrossed them—and glared at her feet. All her hard work, and for what? Nothing. She earned nothing. She kicked the seat and winced. "Stop throwing a fit. You'll be dead soon…" She looked at the man sitting next to her.

"I could kill you right now if you don't watch your tongue, toady…"

"You're drained. You won't do anything." He seemed to be chuckling.

"What to bet?" She stood up and glared down at him. Being five foot seven lets her stand as tall as she wanted in the small place. She held her gaze but felt the edge of it leave as he smiled.

"Sure." He pulled one leg up and grinned more, "Now sit down!"

She blinked and it all happened before her eyes were open. His leg was outstretched towards her, and she was looking at the carriage's open door while the rain closed like a curtain behind her. She tried to take a deep breath, but found she couldn't. The kick had collapsed her lungs. AIR! I need air! She felt panic start to raise as she landed on her feet. Her hand went up to her chest, hovering over her heart. It was starting to go to fast. Panic. Panic would kill someone with a cut. Panic can cause people to hyperventilate as well. "Dang…" She gasped as she drew in a sharp breath. "What the hell—"

The second kick came just as fast. She couldn't even recall him coming out of the carriage. Colors—what little that was there—mixed together, swirling to make the sky and ground look warped. She closed her eyes, trying to keep the panic down while she tried to breathe once more. When her vision finally came back, the man stood over her, rapier in hand and lightly patting it on his thigh. He got down on his knees, one on each side of her chest. Even in the dark, she could see his smile, twisted and cold. He grabbed her tunic's collar and lifted her up slightly. "Come on… back up that big talk of yours, girlie…"

He slammed her into the ground and pulled her back up again. There was no sound when she came back up. Great, busted eardrums… lovely… She struggled to make the pieces of his face come together. When she finally could make sense of him, the sword was coming down. With the could ground below her and the warm rain above her, she couldn't think of a more peaceful harmony—

Warm rain? Eva felt her face scrunch up and she opened her eyes. The man's mouth was wide, and he was on his feet. Her eyes followed his and her jaw dropped. From his elbow down was gone, replaced by the thinned stream of blood that came down on her. She backed up, crawling like a crab. What happened to him? She wondered. Something cut through the rain and the man's head shot back. As if in slow motion, his body rocked back, and hit the ground with a small splash in the dark red mud and blood. She knew she made some kind of sound, and she scrambled backwards, slipping and sliding as she tried to go up the hill behind her. Slowly sound started to return, and what sounded like a distant heart beat filled the air. She froze, too afraid to move.

A large black shadow shot by her with four strong legs that sent the mud into air. She turned away from the mess and looked back up the hill. The moonlight slowly started to come from behind the clouds as the storm started to lift. The land started to show in dark shades of browns, greens, and reds. She turned back to the large shadow, coming towards her. The carriage was gone now, no where in sight in fact. She watched the man on his horse come towards her. Her ears were working fine again, and she could hear the heartbeat-like clops of the giant horse's mud-covered hooves. She looked up at the huge man on its back. "Are you alright?" he asked, voice rough and ragged.

She tried to smile, but was too tired. She tried to answer, but had no voice. She tried to talk with her eyes, but was taken by the darkness before she could. Alright? She figured she was anything but that.

The man's shoulders dropped. "Great, the poor boy is out cold…" He slipped of the horse and landed next to Eva, lightly turning her head to keep the mud from getting in her mouth. He took off his long coat and wrapped it around her body. He readjusted his hat and looked up at the moon. "Only a little longer until sun raise… Shade, I hope you're strong enough to carry two." He stood, picking her up carefully. With odd grace, he mounted and settled her into his lap and against his chest. He picked up the rains and gave them a small flick. Shade, the black stallion, took off in the other direction of the moon. The soft beat of his heart rang through her, Though she couldn't see what was happening, nor could she hear, she knew she was safe. If only for now.