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Eva sat on the cool grass while Ishia bandaged her wounds. Pierre and Enrique bickered back and forth about which way to go from there. Her eyes were trained on the Pearl of Air that was in her hand. It was smooth, pale, and shone wonderfully in the sunlight. "We should be heading north from here." Enrique was saying as he brushed Shadow's already gleaming coat. She figured this was how he was keeping his cool during the debate.

"To the north? To the land of the gods and goddesses? Are you insane? North would be suicide! We should head west to Morganra like we had originally planned." Pierre paced between Eva and Enrique.

"Morganra will be crawling with suspicion by now. We should avoid it if we can."

"But we can't." Pierre motioned to Eva now as Ishia finished with her bandage. "Eva needs to see an energy doctor to remove the attachment between her and the demon—"

"His name is Ishia." Eva said in a level voice. The two looked at her as she kept her eyes on the pearl. "He's not going any where. As far as I am concern, at the moment he is being more helpful than either of you." Ishia had held her through the time of her unconscious state. When she finally woke, he had been the first to check to see all her injuries. He took care of her before himself. Though, she figured that was just because she was his 'master' now. "I agree though, we should head to Morganra. We need supplies more than we need to avoid curious eyes." Ishia put a hand on her back as they both stood. It was odd to have someone know what she needed before she asked it. It was odder knowing when someone needed something before they asked it. "Ishia and I will go by air and you two will go by horses."

"You don't have the energy to fly, do you?" Pierre asked aver a moment.

"I don't. I've got to rest a full night in order to have my complete energy back." Eva shook her head with a smile. "Ishia can fly though." When Enrique opened his mouth to protest, Eva held up her hand. "He'll carry me so that both of you can travel safely at speeds your use to."

"Eva, think for a moment." Pierre stepped toward her. "Even you can sense it? After your battle, his energy is low. Demons recover faster, true, but doesn't it make sense that you should take it easy?"

"You can't change my mind." Eva said with a frown. "If you two don't like my choice, I'll take my few belongings and be on my way." She pulled the mirror out of her pocket and looked at the five indents on the lid. Counting along the lid, starting at the top dot, she named them aloud. "Fire, water, wind..." She put the pearl into the hole and turned the mirror upside down. The pearl stayed in and she smiled. She put it back into her pocket and turned to Ishia. "Are you ready to go, Ishia?"

"You've got everything?" He asked in disbelief.

"I don't need much to get by." She turned to the others. "Well? What are you two going to do?"

"This is amazing!" Eva sat on Ishia's back, hands on his shoulders for support as they flew over the riders below.

"You must not use your flying spells often if that's what you honestly think." Ishia said as he watched the two under him. They were making good time, but they could go so much faster if they could fly as well.

"Flying spells aren't my forte," She laughed, "sometimes I wish they were."

"You don't have to anymore, Eva." Ishia said softly. "Hold on tight, alright?"

"Why?" She leaned down and wrapped her arms around his neck.


"How?" She furrowed her brows. He grabbed her angels and wrapped them around his waist.

"Hold tight like this." He said before diving down. Her grip on him, arms and legs, tightened so she didn't fly off him.

"ISHIA!" She shouted in surprise at the dive. The two riders looked up at them. Ishia pulled out just over their heads and went back into the air. Eva couldn't help but laugh.

"He's showing off…" Enrique muttered.

"That's a demon for you…" Pierre sighed and pulled Ivan's rains to the left to make room between him and Enrique. "They have this need to show off. They will always do that so long as they can one up someone."

Ishia flow low between them with Eva's face lit up with laughter. "Not all demons are like that, but I think I'll do that for now." He took off skyward with a strong gust of wind behind him. Enrique held his hat down while Pierre gave him a rude hand jester in his dust.

"I hate him already…" They both growled as the town came into view.

"Hey! Ishia!" Eva said over the roar of the wind as they flew higher into the air. "Set down just outside of the town. I don't want to scare them." Reluctantly, he went to the ground and landed softly. Eva slide off his back and fixed her disheveled hair. The two riders came up at a trot.

"That was careless…" Enrique started.

"VERY careless…" Pierre frowned. "She's connected to me through magic as well, Ishia."

"In what way?" Ishia asked with an unsure look.

"Magic rape." Eva answered.

"That… wasn't what happened…" Pierre stumbled.

"Yeah it was." Enrique sighed and went into town. Eva and Ishia followed on foot, him slightly behind her. "We'll stay one night then we have to head to the next town. "Marlin, is that alright?" He glanced at her to find her looking around in awe. She had heard a great deal about Morganra but never got the chance to actually visit it herself. It held up to it's rumors: clean, peaceful, welcoming—

"Well…" She muttered as she put a finger to her bottom lip, "not so much welcoming…" The town's folk were inside, watching them pass through town through their open window drapes. She lifted a hand to wave and they closed quickly. "That's odd…"

"Very much so…" Pierre said as he walked a bit closer to Eva. "There should be a lot more going on…"

"We should have skipped this place like I suggested…" Enrique grumbled.

"I think it's because of those." Ishia lifted his hand to point ahead of them. Eva shifted her weight and Pierre stepped slightly in front of her. Enrique grabbed the hilt of his sword.