Online fiction. Truly, I don't think it would be too much to say that there has never been such a mass and violent assault on public literature. Don't get me wrong. With an allowance of only twenty bucks a week, a mysterious ability to turn off potential employers, and a public library that has almost as many patrons as it does books, I'm glad for the availability of wait-free reading material that doesn't rob me of my Swiss chocolate and good quality acrylic paint. You might even say I love it. The only problem is, well, I'm just the tiniest, tiniest bit…nitpicky

What can I say? I'm the victim of a very demanding society. I don't expect perfection, I simply expect… Well, truthfully, I do expect a lot, but that's not the point.

The point is, online fiction has quite simply become a bit of a disaster. I'm not saying I, or the online writers I believe are good, are perfect. I'm just saying there are some stories on the internet that are downright dreadful.

It's not entirely the author's fault – although that is a large part of it. However, the blame also rests with the author's choice of reading material, his or her English teachers and with the very people who review the stories. Nor am I speaking simply about spelling and grammar and all that fussy stuff. The main thing is a tragic ignorance of basic storytelling concepts.

As such, I have decided to set out to illustrate all these faults and failings, with the help of a few other authors who have been kind enough to give me their opinions. I know this isn't going to work. I fully expect complete and utter failure. In fact, I'm quite certain that this will earn me much criticism, many 'flames', and an FP referendum for me to get kicked off the site. So why am I doing this? Because I am clinically bored and unbearably perturbed. That's why.