as I kiss the air goodnight
and hug the pillow tight
can you even feel it?
with blanket arms around me
I dream that you have found me
I cannot escape it.
everywhere I seek your face
here and there the slightest trace
should I just ignore it?
your words so faint and distant
yet I know them in an instant
you're saying "tag, you're it."
the puff of radiator air
is your breath upon my hair
do you recognize it?
your fingers stroke my hands
as I plunge them in the sand
I do not chastise it.
your eyes are pools of brown
that shimmer on the ground
could I dare believe it?
your whiskers rough and dark
like brambles in the park
you alone may leave it.
my mind will cross the ocean
to bask in your emotions
do you love me?
the sky above me
shines so perfectly.

TMK 29.7.2007