Never Forget

Yeah, I'll never forget
But sadly I think that you already have

When I first met you,
I felt like I have always known you
And as soon as you left me
I felt like I never even knew you at all

You taught me maturity
That I never thought I'd have to learn
At least from you
I thought you were honest,
Loyal and true

I'll never forget the lessons
And the crap you put me through
I will also never forget the firsts that you gave me
And sad times you gave me smiles through

Maturity was gained
And love was found so fake
At least for kids my age

I thought that you would have been older;
Known better
Acted more mature
I was sadly wrong.
And now though years younger
I'm forced to be the bigger person

You tell people nothing ever happened
Between us
Because I couldn't date
You know that's a lie
You say that you couldn't break up
With someone you never dated
But you could have said a word.
Oh, you've got so much growing up to do

I'll never forget who you were
But I don't even know you now
Or the person I fell in love with
He was gone with the sun that warm summer night.