Today is the last day that I have to remember
The last day I will feel that sharp pang
I'm letting go of the rope I've been clinging to
That has almost become a part of me
I'm letting go
I'm jumping off
I'm going to fall a million miles
And break into a million pieces
Before I ever once try to grab onto the rope again
I'm letting go
The minute I started to fall,
I clung back to the rope
And kept hanging there
Coming to my death
But this time, I am dropping for good
I don't know where I am going
Or where I want to be
I just know where I don't want to be
Where I can't stay any longer
I can't hold on with my eyes closed
Hoping that the rope will turn to lace
And that life will be turned into a bow
A rope is rough
And will be tied into a knot
And nothing will change this rope that I am clinging to
Demons are fallen
In the same way that this rope
Is forever rough
And lace is forever soft
I'm letting go of this rope for good today
Moving on.
I am not longer tied down,
Weighed down
Obligated to stay
God will let the devil break me
And beat me
Until I can be made new
But at least I will not be clinging to the lies
And the untruths
And sitting in the devil's hands any longer
Today will be my genesis.