You said you'd let me use yours
When I needed to cry
You sweater was woven with my tears
Until you left
You had enough
And I had enough of your pretending
So in that way
I am glad that you are gone
Throw your shoulders back
And keep thinking that you are the sun
That everyone is revolving around
And everybody needs
Keep your nose up
And in the air
Keep looking down upon me
It doesn't hurt any more
I've learned that shoulders aren't meant to lean on
And people aren't meant to trust
Life isn't ever what it seems
And not everyone
Is true
I know.
And I shouldn't have trusted you
Or the boys that I met after you
I didn't know that it was possible
But they were worse.
So keep your head up high
And keep avoiding my gaze
I know you're not worth it.
Keep your shoulders back
And your nose up.
I know that's how you feel
So don't pretend that you are humble
When it would only be another lie
I don't need another one of them.
So do whatever you must
Live to be who you are.
not the lie I once believed.
But if there's one thing you will leave me with
When you go, because that's the truth
If shoulder's were meant to cry on,
I wasn't meant to cry on you.