No Man's Land

Do you dare to step foot into No Man's Land?

Where countless others lost their lives at her hand?

A barren world full of great sorrow and pain

Whose weather forecasts seem eternally shrouded in rain;

Perhaps you hesitate and stand watch at the entrance gate

Scanning the horizon for a treasure or something great,

Searching for the young maiden who in solitude dwells

With her somber eyes and secrets whom she never tells;

Take care, oh naïve one, use caution, don't get too close

She attacks and hurts anyone, even those who love her most,

Don't waste time to search for something that does not exist

I insist - please resist - do not persist;

This woman is lethal, there's nothing about her that is loving and pure

Highly unstable she is, her very next action: hazy, unsure,

And for those who sadly pursue her, succumbing to the tempting bait

All that remains are their bodies, lifeless in a sewer grate;

Do not dare to enter No Man's Land

Forget this place; write its location in the sand,

For the shifting winds to erase it clean from your recall

'Till nothing of her remains - absolutely nothing at all...