Five Simple Lies

You gave me five simple lies:

You loved me
You'd wait
Nothing happened
…the best thing that ever happened to you...
You cared

And now,
I'm over it.
For good.

But I have five simple promises for you:'s.God'''

Those are my promises to you.
And I am going to keep them.

I'm righting this wrong and sealing it with a kiss…But the promise, hunny. I am not touching your lips. I may be over the pain but n.e.v.e.r. forgetting. If history is forgotten, it is doomed to be repeated. And we can't let that happen, now can we, babe?

So my brown bangs and my silver bullets will be put to rest. (for now.) I have learned forgiveness for you. (and everything you put me through.) Golden light is covering me, so the silver is going away. God doesn't like revenge from us. That's His job. And you're not repenting (so you can run from me, but God will eventually find you.)

He knows your lies.
And your wrongs.

Hun, I wasn't always right either.
But I repented…
And now it's your chance…
Or eventually it'll catch up.