Blue Eyes

Cut and stung by her actions

Beaten and bruised by her words,

Left confused by her reactions

And mute from what they heard;

Few are left standing, favorably by some chance

While countless others suffer great defeat,

The reward bestowed to them for sparing a second glance

Their gifts, their hearts, their everything – crumpled at her feet;

'Tis common symptoms that all who cross her path endure

Since none aren't aware of what runs through her complicated mind,

Constantly at the edge of their seat, their minds so unsure

It's to the point to which they're ready to fall apart and unwind;

They wonder what it is they've done or said to wrong her

What was it that sent her off the deep end?

What is it that causes so many others to scorn her?

And, is there any way for their friendship to mend?

What is stirring about within those mysterious eyes?

From dark brown to blue they've become,

It's from crying out from all the anguish and lies

She has been cruelly dealt under the sun;

A bleak past this belle has lived; striving to beat the statistics

Longing for true acceptance and love from those whom matter,

But the imprudence of one too many have made her go ballistic

And in her rage, she has made all in her pathway shatter;

For hurting her loved ones, she is now truly remorseful

For embedded into her heart, body, and soul,

She is now aware of a fact most awful

That the demon she once loathed has in truth consumed her whole;

For something irreplaceable that seems to be forever no more

She pleads for their ear – she even breaks down and cries,

For any chance of forgiveness, she desperately reaches out for

This pitiable young maiden with the dismal blue eyes…