I think what I'll miss most
Is your smile in the hallways

In Loving Memory of Jackie Lam

Author's Note:
I've had reviews saying that this poem was a bit disappointing in length. There is a reason for that. There was more to this poem, but I have only posted this one part. This is because a group of friends and I put together our own little thoughts into one long poem, and this one part was my contribution. We knew Jackie; not well, but we knew him enough as someone we were acquainted with, and were shocked with his death. Though we weren't in the same state of grief as those who were close to him, we were upset and this was our way of closure, making a poem that was a combination of our thoughts. We held a little group...meeting for lack of a better term in front of the little memorial that was up near the band room at our school for a while, and we each read our part of the poem. When we finished, we agreed that the only part any of us would ever read again would be our own parts, and no one elses. Kinda corny, kinda stupid, whatever. It was our thing, and that was how we kept it sacred. So...here's mine. Hope you enjoyed it anyway.