This was done as an in-class project that I did in the 9th grade. I changed the age so that it would fit my age now, though it used to say "fifteen years old". Do not mistake this for an actual ad. Again, it was a class project.

Single poet seeking inspiration,
Needs a little love and motivation.
Seventeen years old with a thirst to live,
In search of a soul who can give
Love and affection, freedom and fun,
That certain person who can be the one.
The one who can be a lover, a best friend,
Who can show this poet's hidden talents again.
Single poet seeking true love,
Someone who can help her rise above
All the confusion, the static, and the noise.
Someone who can help her regain her balance and her poise.
Single poet seeking a way to find her words,
And someone to cut away her restraining cords.
Single poet seeking someone new…
Could that someone…
Possibly be you?