Give me happiness again…
I can't seem to grasp it.
I will not ever find it if I have no help.
Give me my old life back…
It was so much better.
I will not be complete here.
Give me a real love…
Not something that will not last.
I will not be consumed by all this hatred surrounding me.
Give me freedom to live
I have no will to fight anymore, but I will go on.
I will not follow the restraints that have been laid out for me.
Give me my whole soul…
Because it is in pieces now.
I will not give in to depression again.
Give me friends who are true
The ones I know have never been at my side.
I will not live my life for every fake lurking around the corner.
Give me a true love…
One that won't break my heart.
I will not let him tear me to pieces again.
Give me a new way of living…
A new way that allows me to be who I want to be.
I will not be the person I am today.

Give me l i f e…

I will not remain here,
Forever in shadow.

Give me t r u t h…

I will not live a lie