Can we take it home?

Is there anything to ask for we haven't already.

Does she sleep alone,

Is there someone to talk to about keeping steady.

It's all about;

Tight-lipped, progress, both feet on right side.

A phone call hurried, in the shape of a good-bye.

To ask for more.

Is it over now?

It's getting like the last time with less lucid thinking.

Will it break the bow,

If we're forced to think of ships, you only think of them sinking.

She pointed to;

Bad dreams, cold skin, to keep us planted in the room.

The "don't go" with both arms, incase you wanted to leave soon.

To forget it.

If Beauty crawls from under her bed at night,

I wouldn't wake at Her breathing.

You really couldn't be out of there too soon.

If when we see Her, She can see us from front to the back,

I wouldn't ask for forgiveness.

We'll just break the silence with a new blank canvas.


It will follow you home,

There'll be nothing to ask for that you haven't already.

She'll be almost alone, but for the guilt in your head,

And it keeps building steady.