Chapter One- Plans interrupted-

Tania pulled her dark leather jacket around her, making sure it covered her .9mm glock. She looked in the mirror and took in her appearance. With black hair, layered, and her bangs hanging in her gray-green eyes, she looked young and ready for anything. Exactly what she was but she had a mind of a wiser person. Pulling on her glasses and placing her five inch knife in her jeans on her hip, she took a quick view of her target's file.

Anthony Miguel. An arms dealer on the east coast. Tania had been given this assignment after no other agent of the CIA could get a hold of him. He was in the mid thirties and had thinning hair with beady black eyes. She had looked through his file a thousand times and had it committed to memory. After years of training, she was one of the top agents in the CIA. It didn't help that she was female and young but the kicker was, her father is the president of the CIA. Since the tender age of seven, he had been training his daughter to be the best. Causing her to loose her childhood.

Taking one last look at her appearance, making sure everything was in order; she placed her emergency back up on her ankle. She got out of the room and headed down the hall to the empty dining room to find Mr. Miguel talking with one of his cooperatives. Tania walked around and sat in the corner with the menu placed before her on the table. With her shades on, she caught every word they were saying. She could read lips but the plus side was, the shades had a camera in them.

'Is everything set?'

'Yes sir. The ship sets out tonight.'

'Good. Make sure Mr. Boss is informed.'

'How do I reach him?'

'On this cell. Remember to keep out of sight until I inform you.'

The second man nodded and went out of the room. Miguel looked toward her and smiled. The smile sickened her but she kept her cool. She smiled slightly before turning her attention back to the menu. Her thoughts went over what had occurred and she sent a message to her sources. 'They R moving out 2nite'

Thirty minutes later, a few more guests, and half way through her meal, Miguel's henchman came up to him and spoke with him. Miguel looked furious, none too happy at all. Tania stood up and followed the two arguing men. But just as she entered the hallway a gun was pointed at her from under a jacket.

"What a beautiful girl to have been discovered, Miss Tania." Miguel grinned a sickening smile.

"She is not Miss Tania for long. I'm sorry I kept you waiting darling. I was just coming." Tania looked at the man who came and interrupted. He was of at the least, six feet tall by Tania's estimation. With dark brown hair and bold blue eyes, the man was magnificent. His body was lean with broad shoulders and he seemed to have a quick mind. 'Dad would love him.' She thought bitterly.

"You see. We are on our way to get married. It was sort of a surprise for the both of us. She will soon become Mrs. Cameron Strafford." Strafford, so he says, replied with utter calmness.

"Oh really? Well let me do the honors. My friend is a judge and can have you married today." Miguel smirked. Tania turned to the man and smiled.

"I'm glad you finally made it." She replied before turning to Miguel. "It is fine. We can wait until we get to town."

"No! I would love to see the two of you married today. You are such a beautiful woman and this man is lucky." Tania then realized, there was no way out of this.

The two were led down the train compartments and into a nicely light room where two gentlemen were drinking. Miguel leaned forward and whispered in one man's ear who nodded with a smirk. HE stood up and went to his suitcase and pulled out a marriage license. "Congratulations, Mr. Strafford. And to you too, Mrs. Strafford." Tania nodded and smiled.

"Please sign here. On the dotted line." He pointed to Strafford.

"And here for you." He led Tania. Tania then felt the pull of her world spinning as she signed her name.

Two hours later, Tania was finally left alone with Mr. Cameron Strafford in his compartment. She stood still by the door and listened to make sure they were gone. She then turned to Strafford.

"Please tell me your real name is not Cameron Strafford." She begged, her tone on the verge of rage.

"I won't then."

"My god Man! Do you have not any sense? You should have stayed out of that." She growled.

"Excuse me! He had a gun pulled on you! I thought I was doing you a favor!" He shouted but shut up as she placed a hand over his mouth.

"Learn to be quiet. Who knows if they are listening?" She muttered before taking out her gun from behind her back and sitting down. Strafford stared down at the gun in suspicion and surprise.

"Why may I ask do you have a gun?" He questioned. She looked up at him and smirked as she placed her sunglasses on her head.

"Aren't you supposed to ask my name first?" She inquired as she began to inspect her gun.

"Fine. What is your name?"

"Tania Saxons, well know it seems to be Tania Strafford. And I have a gun for reasons I will explain later. Pack up. We're leaving." She pulled out her cell phone and dialed the number.

"We need an emergency pick up, Slade. We had an unexpected occurrence. I'll explain when we meet. How soon can you pick us up?... Yes Us… Two… Bye…" She turned to see Strafford staring at her with his arms crossed and a look of rebellion in his eyes.

"Strafford, pack your things. I'm going to see if we can fix this situation." She ordered.

"What the hell are you doing?" He questioned.

"Strafford, I am getting us pick up and then I'm taking you to a safe haven. You just mixed yourself in a world of trouble." She muttered as she grabbed his backpack and put her glock at the small of her back. "We have to act like a lovey-dovey couple. Please just trust me on this. Now take my hand."

Cameron looked at the woman before him and thought. She was taking this situation at full speed with utter calmness. She seemed to have a quick mind to take whatever came. She stood with an aura of self-confidence but there was something more. He didn't know exactly why but he trusted her. Even after the shouting match. He grabbed his bag and took her hand.

"Once I open this door, make act like you are in love with me. And I will do the same. Then I will lead you to the way back of the train and there we will meet find a man to take us off. We will then be led to a private plane. There I will explain everything. Can you do this?" She asked pulling her glasses over her eyes once more.

"Yes. I can." He answered reluctantly.

"My father is going to kill me." She whispered to herself as she opened the door and headed out. 'Please let us get out of this.'