Chapter 1

His ragged breathing sounded unusually loud in his ears, yet he continued to run. His heart thumped against his ribs, but his legs pounded onward. He breathed deeply, scenting everything around him. Not far behind, he smelled the sweat of humans and the stench of dogs. His ears swiveled to rest facing behind him, picking up the sounds of paws and thick boots. "Will they never rest?" he thought to himself, shaking out his shaggy black mane and continuing on.

He had been running almost all of his life. The moment he was even born, his future had been decided by evil people that he had no relations to. He had been born to a twenty-six year old women and a twenty-eight year old man. His parents had been married and had cherished the fact that they would be having their own child. Two years after he had been brought into the world, he had been stolen. Taken by a man who would later turn into the most evil man in the United Stated of America. The reason being: he was different. And not different like handicapped, or born a conjoined twin. No, not even something that normal. He had the ability to change his form. Even since birth, he could change any part of his body, at will, into that of a wolf. Ironically, his birth parents last name had been Wolff. So, June 23, 1992, Logan Wolff was born, and two years later, kidnapped.

When Logan was in his human form, he had dark brown hair that stuck out at every angle. He had large inquiring brown eyes and his skin was a deep tan. He stood at five foot ten, and was fourteen years old. After he had fully transformed he was covered in dark black fur. So dark, in fact, he looked like a shadow. His eyes remained their usual brown, but the on his forehead was a white star.

His parents, upon discovering Logan's "difference", had taken him to every hospital, every doctor they could possibly afford. They all seemed to do the same things: run a lot of experiments, and not come up with an explanation, but still wanted to keep the child for further testing. The Wolff's would not hear of it, and every time, they brought their son home defeated. They would love their son no matter what, they swore to each other on it. Soon, Logan's face was plastered over every television as "Wolff Boy". They became the center of attention, every scientist, every doctor, wanting to get their hands on the child.

They tried to enter the witness protection program, but the president of the United States required that they turn over their son immediately, insisting that he would become dangerous the older he became. Logan's parents refused and went into hiding. They went to his grandmother's house, but knowing that would be the first place the FBI would look, they were directed to take refuge in a large Christian church in New York. They instantly were taken in. The pastor of the church refused to let such a young child be dug into and experimented on.

So for months the Wolff family lived in the upper dormitories of the church with some nuns. Even though he was such a young baby, he picked up on walking within the first six months of birth. He talked somewhat, but not completely comprehensive. He growled and yelped more often than talking. Instead of regular child toys, they bought him dog toys to control excessive chewing.

One Sunday, nearly two years after birth, while his parents were down attending the church service, Logan was left upstairs with a nun to watch over him. The nun was very old and frail and twenty-five minutes into watching the wolf child, she fell asleep. Logan, who hadn't been paying attention to the old woman anyway, wandered down the steps that led into a room behind where his parents where listening to the priest talk about God. He looked around the room in awe; he had never been here before. His eyes were instantly drawn to a sign above a doorway. He could not read what it said, as far as he could tell, it said nothing at all. But the red light emanating from it drew him forward like a moth to a flame.

He walked over to the sign, his head thrown back. Before colliding with the door, he stuck out his tiny arms and stopped himself, leaning against the wood. To his surprise, the wood he had touched started to move. He realized it was a door. And doors lead to places, so he pushed it. He pushed until there was enough room for him to squeeze through. He glanced around happily. He saw the grass beneath his sandaled feet and tall, thick trees towering over him. He walked towards the forest, intent on having an adventure. He reached the outskirts of the wood and stopped suddenly, stiffening. He didn't understand what he sensed, but he didn't like it. He turned around and was about to run back inside to his parents when he was lifted roughly into the air by a pair of hands.

Automatically, Logan morphed his teeth into sharp fangs and he sank them deep into the arm. Instead of tasting flesh, or blood, he tasted a thick cushion. The owner of the arms laughed at Logan's antics. The man hurried back into the darkness of the forest and another man, shorter and younger looking than the first, forcefully placed a piece of tape on Logan's mouth. The dropped him into a small, thick metal cage. Together they picked it up and trotted it through the woods. Minutes later they arrived next to a black van and quickly shoved the cage into the bed of the car. They jumped into the front and drove away. Not normally frightened, Logan transformed his whole body into his beloved wolf form and threw himself at the bars of the cage. Recognizing his danger, and the absence of his parents, he gave no quarter, but barely managed to scratch the metal. He flopped himself down on his side, panting hard. He then tried digging at the base of the bars, but it was no use, this cage had been built to keep in. Filled with grief, he curled up in a ball, wishing for the comfort of his mother's arms, his father's steady gaze that provided protection.

Logan opened his swollen red eyed and realized he fell asleep. His ears twitched, he heard a low rumbling noise. He began to think of its cause when he began to violently vibrate, but it wasn't him, it was the ground. He cried out in fear, and reached out with his muzzle. He felt the bars he had been attacking earlier. Next to his cage, something landed with a bang. He recoiled, a growl erupting deep in his throat. Suddenly, his cage was thrown into the air. He hit the ground hard. Pulling himself to his paws, the cage started sliding forward. Not knowing what was happening, he braced himself. The cage stopped sliding and no more jerks or vibrations came. He sat down, shaking from fear. "What's happening? Where am I?" he thought fearfully.

A door opened to his right and light flooded in. Two men walked in, giving his cage a wide birth. Logan stared at them with his wolfish eyes. The each picked up square bundles. Logan looked at them closely, they were suitcases. The two men disappeared out the door with them. Within seconds they returned and grabbed more. When the room had been emptied, they returned, but with two other men in tow. Logan recognized them as the ones who took them. One man carried a thick blanket that he placed over Logan's cage. Filled with dread, he started to growl. It felt like his cage had been raised into the air. He snarled and threw his body at the side of the cage. Yells and curses from outside announced that the men were upset. The cage was set down and the blanket was swept off. The light was so bright, Logan had to squint. Before he knew what was happening, a needle was thrust into his flank and he suddenly dropped to his stomach, drowsy and confused. He suddenly couldn't remember why he had been upset, so he placed his head on his paws, gazing out through the bars at a plane directly behind them. The blanket was replaced and darkness was restored. "Must be time for bed," Logan thought to himself. He laid his head down on the cold metal and closed his eyes. Within minutes he was fast asleep. The cage was rolled to another black van. It was thrown into the back and the two men who unloaded luggage from the airplane went back to there work. The kidnappers hopped into the front of the van and drove off.

"How far, Colonel?" the younger one asked. He checked his watch. "We are still on schedule."

"Good, there is approximately still 300 miles till we reach the base, Lieutenant" the general replied.

"Will the drug last that long?" the lieutenant asked fearfully. He did not like the sound of that growl.

"Don't tell me you're afraid of a two-year old, Lieutenant ," he retorted, laughing.

"I don't think that kid is only two. He seems way to smart, Colonel," the soldier said angrily.

"Well, the scientists back at the base believe that since he is part wolf that he ages faster than the average human. When we get him there, they may be able to find out how old he is, on the inside," he replied curtly.

The soldier shook his head in disbelief, "A two year old child that can have the mind of a seven year old? That's ridiculous, but it does explain a lot." He glanced out the window at the landscape. The rolling hills and random trees announced isolation. He spotted a pack of dingos chasing after a lone deer. The lead dingo finally grabbed the hip of its prey. It brought the animal crashing down. At once the rest of the pack was on it. Before it was devoured before his eyes, he turned away, thinking of the captured child in the back of the van and the ferocity that it displayed.

Note: I will soon be re-writing this story in another way. Possibly starting when Logan is older, and I will be changing the point of view maybe. So, after I post it, anyone who wants to read and reply can, and if you'd be willing, vote for your favorite story...or way it was written...whatever. Hope you enjoy it. Oh, and I may change the title...