nObOdY cArEs.



Don't speak what's on your mind

'cause nobody cares

don't show what you feel

'cause nobody cares

(nobody, nobody cares)

Verse 1:

Have you ever been to hell?

I was buried alive

I don't distinguish between life & death

everything can be imitated

even fake feelings look true

so thank you for saying you love me

even if you didn't.

I can live like that

(without name, without love)

I wait for nobody, 'cause there's nobody

(without belief, without reason)

I want nothing, 'cause there's nothing.

He's a jerk who bet her joy

and his heart is a wall fallin' down

he still remembers how she took his hand

and drew a future together on his palm


Yeah, you're wonderful

yeah, everybody's going to love you

(innocence has a price)

yeah, you're nice

yeah, you rule

(I'll buy your dignity)


Who needs to be saved?

your shadow waits for you above the exit

do you dare to flirt with evil and not get hurt?

I'll get drunk with Fantasy, dressed in cheap lingerie

afterward I'll forget my soul was once pure.

Verse 2:

I'll be number two in the world

I won't be who you admire

don't hold on to me

'cause with no doubt

I'll let you FALL. you know

the way you are is the way I am.

(can you notice the wound in your chest?)

you feel sorry for me

'cause I feel sorry for me too much

(didn't you feel your heart being ripped?)

I don't wanna lose my peace of mind

in the end, I lose it too soon.

Curtains open, his eyes on her

now she is an enchantress, an illegal love

when he kisses her, she wants

something more than that


(it's) time 4 tea

to toss a coin

the third face is shown

(it's) time 4 tea

there's no ace card under his sleeve

(it's) time 4 tea

let's play russian roulette

to fight a duel: heart vs. head

you are irony's witness.

Pre-chorus: ...

Chorus: ...

Look at him

your reflection in her eyes


Thank you, thank you

for saying you will be with me

even if...

I can't be with you anymore.

Chorus: ...