I remember the cream coloured carpet,
and the spices, I remember the spices.
I remember the sky, and the clouds,
do you remember the clouds?
We used to lie on the beach and
pretend that we were flying in the wind
with the clouds. We laughed.
Yes, I remember. I remember us,
I remember, but I try and forget
so much. but it's so hard.

I remember when we were children, when we smiled,
when we didn't need masks of
shame, horror, and dying. I remember.
Do you remember the swings? We
used to try and touch the sky,
but somehow we never could
(although you said that you did once).
I tried to touch the sky and be like you,
it never worked all to well.
Yes, I remember, darling, I remember good.

I remember the tears and the pain. I remember
the heat of sadness and betrayal. I don't
remember what was going through my head, though.
I just remember doing the deed. Reading what
I shouldn't have read. Why did I do it?
Do you remember the patterns on my wrist?
I know you say them and tried to look away.
You know, I didn't really hurt myself,
I never did have the guts. I just pretended
but I could break skin, not on purpose. I
don't like blood, you know?
Yes, I remember, honey, I remember everything.