God Politics
by K. Mason

Too often, as Christians, we feel obligated to cling to one side or the other of America's war-torn political spectrum, fearing the cursed lukewarm middle-ground. However, if one truly thinks about it, as Christians, we are called to piss off both sides of the fence. The political system leaves little room for the faithful to walk in accord with the will of God. Let's face it, the only thing any politician wants, republican, democrat, or otherwise, is more power and a fatter paycheck.

If you really think about it, neither the conservative Pharisees nor the liberalistic Romans liked Jesus. He stepped on toes on both sides of the political spectrum, and both joined forces to hang him on a cross.

It's depressing when you realize that every generation since the sixties has vowed and vied to change the world, only to fall into the same trap so effectively set up by our political system. Yesterday's hippies are today's congressman and today's are tomorrow's and the cycle will continue. If you want to change the system, you aren't going to do it from the inside.

From the age of five, you went to school to be told what you can and cannot do. You stood up, placed your hand upon your heart, and swore your allegiance to something you didn't even understand. And as you grew older, it became so innate that you recited the pledge without even thinking about what you were saying. And then you went off to college to be told what you can and cannot do, and then you joined the working world where again you were told what you can and cannot do. And you settled in for retirement at the ripe age of seventy, too old and too comfortable to go about changing the world. Such is the trap they've set for you, for all of us. The old are comfortable with the way things are, and the young learn from the old.

All I'm saying is that things aren't right in this country, or the world for that matter. We don't have a democracy in America. We don't pick the president, we have limited freedoms, and I can't say a prayer aloud in a public school. Whatever political system we have, we aren't free. It's as simple as that.

That's why I believe that the place of Christians is not in the government or in politics. The 'evangelical right' and the Christian Coalition are only succeeding in wasting money that could be put to such better use. It could be used to help orphans, to save lives in Darfur, to feed the poor, and clothe the naked. Jesus never said to try to weasel your way into a corrupt political system or to broadcast sermons from chubby mega-church preachers all across the world. No, Jesus asked us to witness to the lost on his behalf, to help those in need, and to use what resources we have to help others before ourselves.

I think it's important to remember that Jesus, God incarnate, the only divine and perfect being ever to exist, chose to be homeless.