We didn't go to the beach this year together.
We swam in the lake when we camped,
but that doesn't really count, does it?
It was always so much fun going to the beach with you.
We would catch crabs, screaming when we thought
they would pinch us.
They never did.
We ran in the water, splashing each other.
The sea salt stuck to our lips,
you tried not to stare, but I saw you.
We would lie on the sand and pretend
to sun tan, but we would always burn.
You didn't laugh when my parents made me
wear a baseball hat and sunglasses.
I felt like an idiot, (I still do.)

Things changed, didn't they?
You met her, you fell in love with her.
I guess I pushed you too far away.
I didn't want you to want me.
I just wanted to be friends.
But now we are nothing.

That song on the radio reminds me of you.
I don't know why, it's a cheesy love song.

There's sand in my eyes now,
when I go to the beach
There is no sea salt on my lips,
I never go in the water.
The sun still burns me though,
but it hurts