We spent three hours at the mall
trying not to use all of my mum's money.
She knew we were lying when I said
that the shirt was more expensive
than we though it was, but she didn't care.
(that was nice of her.)

We ate Ben and Jerry's off little spoons
and pretended we wouldn't gain any weight.
We laughed as we talked about the people around us.
(I tried not to think about me leaving.)
I remember smiling, and you smiling back.
I wonder what you were thinking.

We shoved each other into a photo booth
but we forgot to sit down and we ended up
getting pictures of out chests,
not our faces.
It scared me when you look at the photos.

We went to the Body Shop and tried the samples.
But the time we were done we smelled horrible.
But we laughed anyways.
We ran into Spencer's giggling
but we left when the Goth boy wouldn't
take his eyes off your chest.
I teased you and you rolled your eyes.

We talked about my lack of an ass,
and you frightened me when I caught you looking.
I don't think you knew that I saw.

When we went to find out mothers,
they shoed us away. They were talking about us.
I wonder what they said?

When we got back to the house,
the one my family rented this summer
(weren't the flowers beautiful?)
I cried. I've seen you cry only once,
and it wasn't about me.
(Have you ever cried about me?)
You wiped away my tears
and promised you would call and write
but I know you won't.

It's been an hour since I saw you,
and at least a year until I see you again.
(I miss you already.)

Part of me wishes I had told you I read your poems,
most of me is glad I didn't.
I wonder what you would have said.
I would have cried,
I always do.
Would you have wiped away the tears?