Vampire Club



Devan was still fast asleep in her coffin, when her cell phone rang. She tiredly felt around for it and picked up the phone. The green light flashed in her eyes reading: "B.J. calling." She answered the phone and heard loud rock music playing in the background.

"Devan are you still asleep? The sun went down hours ago." He yelled into the phone.

"I'm just a little worn out." She answered tiredly.

"Nothing a swig blood can't handle. Hurry and get up. Maxwell is supposed to be here any minute. You want to join his club don't you?"

"Okay. Okay. I'm getting up now."

She kicked the door to her coffin and got out. She brushed her long black hair, and straightened out her black blouse and skirt in the mirror. She put on a matching ribbon and shoes. Then she headed out of her apartment.

Devan was born in 1900 and died from an accident in 1917. She changed her name over the years and had to adapt to the modern world. Her blood brother, B.J. was created by the same vampire, so he's the only family she has. B.J. is about 87 years old, so he's younger than her by 3 years. He has bright green hair and pale skin, and his are a ruby red.