A/N: I've been working on this story for a while, but never posted it anywhere. I've hit a block, however, so I've gone back to what I've written and I'm changing a few things. I'm posting this now to see what people think of what I have. Any suggestions or comments you can provide would be extremely helpful. If enough people like this I may post it again later, with a real title.


A slight breeze blew past a guard's ear as he patrolled the hall. He paused his tired feet and stood still. Hazel eyes swept the pathway, searching for any movement. After discovering nothing, he shrugged and forced his legs on. Heavy footsteps echoed in the silence as he went his way.

When the echoes were no longer audible, the silence restored, a shadowy figure emerged from behind a coat of armor. Vivid violet eyes flashed from side to side, alert for any movement. Lithe as a cat, the figure quickly followed the guard, making no noise at all save the slight gust of wind as they moved along.

The figure stopped next to a large oak door. Dark as night, they slipped again into the shadows as two more guards passed. Neither of them noticed when the door opened and the black figure passed in. Their drunken chatter was lost to ear when a slender, gloved hand shut the door, careful to keep silent.

The figure now stood in an immense room, heavily decorated with colorful tapestries and beautiful paintings. A deathly white marble fireplace was to the right of the room, wisps of smoke drifting off the tiny embers left from the roaring fire previous. Artistically carved wooden furnishing accompanied the room, including a large canopy bed in the center. This bed was of particular interest to the figure, for in it slept the fate of the nation. With a few swift strides, the shadow moved next to this bed.

A young girl lay sprawled out in the middle of crimson sheets, a lock of creamy brown hair across the youthful face. The figure gently swept the lock away, hooking it behind a tiny ear. The intruder smiled, a silver tear gleaming in the rising moon. Minutes past before any movement could be seen in the room. Then, with a steady hand, the stranger carefully placed an envelope onto the bedside table, the front facing the sleeping girl. With one last movement, the figure bent down and placed a soft kiss on the flawless forehead.

"Goodbye, my darling sister. May happiness follow you everywhere." A sweet voice whispered.

Suddenly, the chamber door burst open. Three guards rushed in to catch this intruder, but they were to late. Only a glimpse of black could be seen as the small figure jumped out the open window. A large guard sprang to the open window, but saw nothing. Puzzled, the guard turned to see the young princess awake and pale faced, looking wide eyed at an envelope.