Warm Coke and Mashed Potatoes

I miss eating my mashed potatoes
Without the saltwater
And I miss my warm coke
Without the added sodium
I already used to despise tomate soup
But now I've fifty five million reasons
Of why it needs to be loathed
The color
And the other person
That used to love it…
And me…
That's now gone
And punishing me with his silence
I miss mixing my iced tea
Without wanted to chuck the pitcher
At the wall
And hope it breaks
Loud enough for him to hear
I miss drinking my iced tea too
Because now I'd just rather not
I miss walking through the grocery store
Without finding a bunch of reasons
That I need to be angry
I miss my warm coke
And mashed potatoes
My hard music
And my iced tea
Without a reminder of him.