1I spent my 13th birthday locked in my room, waiting for it to happen. What I really wanted to be doing was hanging out with my three best friends. The four of us had even made plans to go see a movie today. Instead, my mom had forced me to cancel my plans and locked me in the room. All I could do today was wait.

Why? What for? Well, because I'm going to become a vampire today. Yes, they're read and yes, I'm being serious. Don't worry, I didn't understand it at first either. Maybe I should explain a little bit better...

Last night, my mom called me downstairs to talk. She asked me if I believed in vampires. I said no. I mean, come on, who believes in that stuff anymore? It's not like we live in the 18th century or whatever anymore.

But, apparently, my mom still believes in that stuff. Oh, and she claims that she is one. Yes, my mom says she's a vampire. She expects me to believe it too.

Crazy, eh? Definitely. It gets much worse though.

She also told me that every female in our family for the past 100 years had been one too. Then, she was crazy enough to tell me that, on my 13th birthday tomorrow, I will also become a vampire.

I must admit, I took her seriously for a second. But only a second. Then, I burst out laughing.

"Nice story, Mom," I said. "What did you really want to talk about?"

"I'm not joking, Alyssa," my mom said sternly. I stared at her. She actually looked like she was serious. Just for her sake, and because I wanted to see what else she had to say, I decided to play along. .

"If everyone is a vampire, why haven't I been told before?" I asked. It was an obvious question after all, wasn't it?

"We weren't allowed to tell you. It's part of the curse," my mom explained to me.

"What curse?" I asked. This was the second time she'd mentioned the curse. If she was going to play this game, couldn't she at least play it right?

"Well, a long time ago, when everyone knew about vampires and there were many of us, your great-great-grandmother was engaged to a vampire. I don't know all of the details but something went terribly wrong and your great-great-grandmother broke things off. Her ex-fiancé wasn't very happy and put a curse on the family. The curse turned all the females in our family into vampires on their 13th birthday. It's only the females too. He did it for revenge on your great-great-grandmother, obviously," she explained. "He also made it so we couldn't talk about it to anyone who was going to become a vampire before the night before their 13th birthday." She hesitated, as if she was going to add something, but shut her mouth again. I began to think there was something she wasn't telling me.

I wasn't sure what to say. The story actually made sense. Or it would anyway, if all of this stuff was real. It wasn't real though. Vampires didn't exist in the 21st century and they probably didn't before either.

I shook my head. My mom was really putting a lot of thought into this story for it to just be a joke. It was pathetic that she was putting so much effort into it, really. But then, I looked at my mom. That's when it hit me.

This wasn't a joke. It never had been. It was real. All of it was real.

"I'm sorry, Lissy," my mom said, coming over to hug me. She seemed to realize that I didn't think it was a joke anymore. That's not surprising really. I'm sure the shock I was feeling was visible on my face.

"How's it going to happen?" I asked, after the initial shock began to leave me. I became logical once more. If I was going to become a vampire, I would need to know as much as I could. I still wasn't sure I truly believed it was true, though.

My mom bit her lip. I could tell she was editing the truth. "Well, honey, I'm gonna have to lock you in your room at midnight tonight. Then, sometime during the day, another vampire will come. It's his job to bite you. He should just bite you and leave. I hate to say this but I'm not going to lie either. This isn't going to happen without pain. It's going to hurt for a while after too." My mom looked at me to gauge my reaction. I tried to keep me expression blank and didn't say anything.

Sighing, my mom picked up a couple of books beside her I hadn't noticed before. "Here, take these to your room and read as much of them as you can. They should help you out a bit." She handed the books to me. I just nodded numbly and took them.

"Oh, and you need to cancel any plans you had for tomorrow. You can't leave your room," she added as I stood to go to my room. I pretended to ignore her.

So, that's why I'm locked in my room on my thirteenth birthday instead of hanging with my friends like everyone else would be on their thirteenth birthday. It's quite boring really. I can't even get on the computer of have a snack. Mom said that eating or drinking anything would make the bite more painful. I refuse to do anything that will cause me more pain because 1.) I hate pain and 2.) From that I've been told, the bite or whatever is already going to hurt like hell. I really don't want to endure more pain the necessary.

I've looked at the books given to me so much that I can't stand to look at them anymore. They all say the same thing anyway. I've been told over and over by those books what to expect BEFORE but there isn't anything on what happens AFTER.

Do I need to drink blood to survive? What can I eat? What happens if I go outside in the light? Those were the questions I needed answered. However, I didn't think they would be answered until after I was a vampire and experienced everything myself.

If I was really going to become one that is. Even though I'd been thinking about it all day, I couldn't decide whether or not I believed it. It seemed so unlikely and unbelievable but from everything my mom had told me, it was beginning to seem like it might really happen too...

I don't know when, but at some point, I must have dozed off. The next thing I knew, I heard a sharp rapping noise against my window and my eyes flew open. I knew it was time.