Hello, this isn't actually a story, well, I guess it is in a way. I'm leaving this here for someone to see that I'm having a hard time talking to, so they know where I stand. What I can't stand. Anywho, it's story time, my version of it.

There was this couple who had been together for 11 years. They had 2 kids together and everything seemed fine, like it was going good. Then for some reason the stress got to the man, so he ended up quitting his management position job and taking a lesser job to ease the stress at home. When that failed, he ended up quitting his relationship after 11 years and two kids. Ok. Within the same week as breaking up, this man had already lined up 5 other women, including his wives best friend, who also has two kids, his two kids' best friends in the whole world. The man and the wives best friend strike it off and get together And the man retakes his old job back, somehow its not quite as stressful as it used to be. Now my concern on this matter is for the kids, and for me too as well, because I am involved in this, but I am not named as any of the characters yet. The man got with a girl in the same week of breaking up with his wife of 11 years, to me that shows it meant nothing at all to him, then he chooses to go after her best friend, which is a stab in the back to any woman, but the kids are going to see their father with their best friends mother and wonder how the hell could he choose them over them. Not saying both sides were fair in the matter, the man or the woman, because both are pretty fucked up in the head mentally. The kids will grow up blaming themselves for their father leaving, they'll have insecurities because they won't think they're good enough, having been replaced in their father's eyes by two other kids. They'll grow up hating both sides of it after a while, because it's not the end, they're still young. Here comes the custody battles, if any of the two should decide to move away, and that plays on a childs soul too. None of this wouldnt be so bad if it had been the first time, because then the man would have had an excuse, he hadnt learnt from his mistakes yet. No, the first time was with me and my Sister. The man was hard up on a one night stand between two women, both knocked up and his choice was not his mothers, so he chose my mother, and cut out another innocent child, all because he was too young, and made, himself, a childs mistake. Well I blame him, but again its both sides. Trust me, I blame her too, but this weighs more on the mind, just because it's all I can really think about sometimes. Fighting got bad, he cut and run, and it was visitations that turned into molestation caused by drinking. Yes, I know its the alcohol that does it and yes I am able to forgive the man for it, because I know what its like to be at the end of a frayed rope, mentally. Not an excuse however. So, out of my life for ten years because of it, meanwhile I grow up with the results of his mistakes thinking Im less than shit, and come to the beginning of this story again. The man and the woman, 11 years, 2 kids. He gave them a better run, but that was it. Guess he couldn't ever stay to the finish. But then hey, I'm a coward too, sometimes. And here is what it comes down to. Divorce in my eyes is an abomination if you have kids. Shit, even if you don't. Why get married to someone just to end up divorcing them. Whats the fucking point, eh? Alright, now I'll get right down to talking to you instead of abouty ou. I know you read everything I put up on here, so I know you're reading this and that you've read everything else up here. Meaning you know everything about me pretty much, right? Right. I hold nothing back, as you see, in my writing. I face my shit every fucking day, and deal with the repercussions of my actions on a daily basis. As far as I can see, you're still fucking running. You hardly ever call me to see how things are going because of the guilt that eats away at your insides, and I can't really blame you for that, the fault is all on you. I used to blame myself for all that shit and the shit that went on with Mom and Terry, but the fault is hers, yours, and his. I grew up the way I did from fucked off circumstances. The reason I haven't said anything about this yet directly to you is Im afraid I might do something stupid if I did. So, easy solution, you're reading this. I still love you, yeah, of course. But I don't respect you and I have no pride for you. I did, until you fucked things over with this set of kids like that. Maybe its something Ive been through, but I could never do anything like that to my own kids if and when I have them, not at my own will, anyway. It's going to take a long time for me to chill out on this, which is why I haven't been too keen to visit either you or Vicki, or the kids. I'd rather just distance myself from the whole mess right now before getting drawn into it all over again. Because it'll be worse to me to see someone else I love go through the same thing I did, and I'd still be powerless to help.