In case you didn't know yet who I am

Let me tell you, I'm somebody important

Related to a big part of history

A story I'm sure everyone has heard

Yes my name is Chris

Chris Christ

I smoke a lot of weed

And I drink a lot of beer

I do drugs of every shape and size

My long lost relative might have walked on water

But what you'll see out of me...

I can piss in a beer bottle

I can laugh like an idiot at everything

If I had some of the powers that Jesus did

I'd make a pile of pot that never receded

I'd turn water not into wine

But into Miller High Life

And the fish and bread that fed the multitude

Would turn into pizza and garlic sticks

Yeah, my name is Chris Christ

And while I'm not as big as my dead relative

If you hang out with me

It'll seem as if I saved your soul

Cause you'll be flying high, high

High in the sky

On some sort of drug or another

Jesus was the king of the Jews

Well, I'm the king of Bud and brews

Yeah, I'm Chris Christ

Chris; Chris Christ

Come get high with me

I may not lead you to Heaven

But at least you'll have a good time

Come along and get high

With Chris Christ