I want you to know

This is the last letter I'll be able to send

The General just gave the orders

And I'm headed to the front

Off to fight in another country

And I don't know when I'll be home again

Just know that I love you and I'll be thinking of you

When a boy goes off to fight

He comes back a man

If he comes back at all

But what about those left behind

Left to wonder what happened

Bombs blowing up everywhere

Shrapnel flying in the air

And all he can do is pull out a letter

From his shirt pocket, the one with those Army Greens

And read it as best he could

I want you to know

This is the last letter I'll be able to send

I just can't do it, be the war-hero's widow

I'm breaking this off

So you can go fight in another country

I don't know when you'll be home again

I just can't go through this, but I'll be thinking of you

A tear makes it's way down

Mind made up, he gathers his gun

And charges the hill ahead of him

Bullets flying, grazing his sides

Something makes him keep going, you can see it in his eyes

An unnameable something that can not be described

A bullet smack to the heart of him

An explosion to his chest

Releasing the pent up energy of an already broken heart

But not enough to stop him as he drops his grenade

Right at his enemies feet

Life flashing before his eyes

Thinking of the last letter he had sent to his would-be wife

I want you to know

This is the last letter I can possibly send

I thought we were in this together

That we would always be there for one another

Here I am in a whole other country

Knowing I could die at any moment

It tore me up inside that you would do this

But I've made up my mind

I know I will never be home again

But I'll make a stand and become

A hero for everyone at home to look up to

Because of you my heart has stopped beating

I just can't get through this without you

But I'll leave you thinking of me