This fire inside burns me alive

Pain unendurable, suffering incurable

You see me now before you, the victor of a thousand psychic wars

The silent watcher of a million deadly tears

The trasher and destroyer of peoples fears

Still standing tall, breathing in and out

Armed with just my strength of will

Standing against the demons from Hell

So much anger boiling in my veins

And I don't know why I feel this way

Hatred fueling me when I see my friends

Fires burning brightly, and then deadened

How could it come to this, where I dont know what to do

Whether I should hug them or slug them

If I should watch them burn or put them out

I never thought I could feel this way for a single soul

But they've made me feel emotions I've never felt before

But it's all wrong, not what I thought it was

Strangers after all, brothers in arms no more

I'm in a dank dark pit

Darker than any imagined

So dark you can't see a damn thing

Not even your hand in front of your face

But I can hear things moving, slithering

My imagined demons and worse thick and crawling

Hissing and spitting mixed in with chaotic shrieking

Sickening drips that could be saliva or blood

Is made clear when the morning light can be seen

All in my head, I am not dead

And I won't go down without a fight

Even if I have to go kicking and screaming into the night

Even if I'm outnumbered on every side

I will not be downed, I can not die

I've been through Hell and I stand before you

The victor of a thousand psychic wars

Still standing tall, still breathing in and out

Anger still buoying me up

Rage still feeding my actions

Friends dropping like flies because they're friends no longer

I fucking hate them

Their idiocy and ignorance shattering the depths of my practiced patience,

my tolerance for idiots like these

It's so unreal that they would release this from me

Those I once considered my brothers, that I would never harm

Like the three musketeers, we were there for each other

It's a slap to the face, a boot to the ass

So yeah, I hate them, I loathe and detest them

And I just feel like losing it

Letting my bony knuckles do some damage

And I'll revel in the carnage

I won't, I will not be brought into this as the clown, the bitch

Especially not at this junction, if you have an itch, just itch it

But don't do it in my direction

Disembodied floating voices

Adding layers of complexity to simple choices

Tempting me to kill

To drink the blood that spills

Insanity rushing through my veins

Focus gone; I've lost; my self detained

My sanity is stripped

Mental consistancy has slipped

And then my laughter is derisive

Making me all the more indecisive

On whether to kill them or not

But I want revenge for thinking they could push me at all

I'm a psycopath treading a thin line

And the blood that spills will not be mine