I fill a void, I fill a void

I fill a void that's been left by you

One way or another I'll find a way

To make you feel what you've given me, this pain

Forgiveness has been denied, you are scum

You piece of shit, prepare to feel the wrath

Of son to Father, I'll let you know what's the matter

Left when I was just a kid

Made to live with people that treat others like shit

Inward, inbound, hiding behind a mask

Many masks, all just lies

of how I really feel inside

Must be nice, must be nice

To fuck with being nice,

It's got to be said

Not once now, but twice

you magically managed to run away

You failed to pay the pipers price

It gets steeper by the day

Run away, run away, you cowards coward

Run as far as your legs will carry you

And I'll be there waiting

The things you've done can not be forgiven so easily

There is a price to pay, as it gathers

on your head, like so much dust, around the skin

Where hair doesn't grow, you're going bald

Could it possibly be the stress, feel like giving in?

Give up? better not, not again

I understand you have problems, so do all of us

But we deal with them, we don't run away

It's what seperates the men from the boys

Who am I to pass this on you, to judge?

Why I'm just a boy, made a lot of mistakes

But I am he who carries your sins, your son

So Yeah, I can judge, and judge I will

Be prepared to sit on pins and needles

Everything in my life circles around one thing

I never had a real family growing up, it was a piece of shit

So I was hoping you had made the shift, transition

To be able to give these kids a go, shit you had a second chance

But you let it slip right through your fingers

Now these kids, too, will grow up with issues

And you think you have the right to play that song on your phone

'How much time will this buy me'

Country sung by someone who had never been through what I have been

About a boy who never had time to spend with his Dad

Because his Dad worked too much

As if you thought you had the right to play that on your phone

When you had the choice and you fucked things up

Like I said, I'm going to find a way

To transfer to you all of my pain

So I can fill this void, this void

That's been left by the drawing power

Of a giant pending disaster

Know my thoughts, and my pain

Your guilt will eat you away