Every muscle ached painfully as he placed his head against the wooden door, the only thing keeping him up was his tight grip on the door knob. His breathing came in ragged gasps while his eyes were tightly shut, fiercely fighting against the recent memories and the darkness that threatened to take him over any second. With a shaky hand he reached into his pocket and searched around for his keys, flinching slightly when his hand grazed over cold metal before pushing himself off the door, his legs feeling like rubber beneath him.

The faint sound of footsteps broke him out of his trance-like-state as he pulled out his keys and in one swift movement, put them in the door, unlocked it and walked quickly in before pulling the keys out and closing the door silently behind him. He allowed himself to collapse against the door before sliding down, as his lifeless aqua eyes stared ahead of him, seeing nothing in the pitch black apartment. He let his eyes slide shut, after reaching up and locking the door even though he knew locks kept nothing out. He finally let the darkness creep over him, letting it take full control as his chin dropped to his blood stained chest.

"The hell?" A women asked, after slipping on a dark wet spot on the ground and almost falling down the stairs that she had just come up from. Her stormy eyes looked down in annoyance, though she knew that she had left a few puddles behind her since it was pouring outside. The flickering light in the hall gave her enough light that she noticed it wasn't water. "Blood?" She voiced her question, her eyes following the small trail of blood to apartment 17, the one right next to her own. She chewed her bottom lip as she stepped around the blood and came to stand in front of the door.

She had been living in the apartment complex for less than a year but hadn't even seen a trace of the other attendant from number 17. She wondered slightly if she should knock, or maybe call an ambulance as she shifted her grocery bags in her hands before shaking her head and heading to her own apartment.

"It's really none of your business, they aren't laying half dead in the hall are they?" She questioned herself in a quiet tone before opening her own door and closing it with her foot. She walked quickly to the small kitchen and started to put her grocery's away. The stormy eyed women knew that it was dangerous to go out shopping so late at night but with her hectic schedule it seemed to be the only time to get anything done.

"You have 2 new messages. First message from-" She rolled her eyes at the robotic voice of her answering machine, before grabbing her unfinished book off the coffee table and then stood staring at the small black machine, waiting to hear her two messages, even though she could already guess who they were from, and what they were about.

"Hello Lillian, it's Greg, your schedule for the week is-" Lily listened to her boss drone out her ridiculous schedule with a scowl. Greg was a full fledged jerk and made it his personal mission in life to try and get Lily to quit, which she would have long ago but there was a short on jobs and her witnessing job at the local diner was the only thing she could find. It probably didn't help that Lily had continually turned Greg down for dates after she figured out he was only after her for sex, which she wanted nothing to do with.

"Three days all to myself, what am I suppose to do?" Lily asked herself with a sigh before changing out of her wet clothes, into a pair of long pajama bottoms and a white tank top. She curled up in her bed and began to read Khaled Hosseini's A Thousand Splendid Suns. She fell asleep 49 pages, after having read the same sentence five times with hazy eyes before finally putting the book away and clicking off the small light on her nightstand.

Aqua eyes shot open before slamming shut, a loud groan emitting from the young mans mouth as his head felt like some was taking a jackhammer to it. His whole body felt sore and even the twitch of his fingers brought pain throughout him. Aqua eyes slowly slid open experimentally as they adjusted to the dim apartment, enough sunlight creaking through the shades to illuminate the room.

"Christ." His voice was hoarse and his throat felt like he had swallowed sandpaper as it constricted painfully. He let out a wheezing cough that shook his whole body and he brought up a hand to rub his chest, which was burning before wincing when the touch only brought him more pain. Oh, right, the gits cut me. He thought with malice before remembering what he had done to them after the deep cut. He pushed the thoughts to the back of his head before pushing himself up, his bones cracking in protest from sleeping against the door on the hard wood floor. He glanced down to see the dark stain of his dried blood, once again glad that he had decided against an apartment with carpet.

He walked steadily to the bathroom, stripping his clothes slowly as he went. First his heavy overcoat that dropped to the floor, a small 'clink' noise coming from it as a metal object hit the floor. Second came his shoes, which he pulled off with a moan before just tearing the rest of his shirt off and letting that too drop to the floor. He stood in front of the mirror, staring at himself but with no surprise at his appearance. Been worse. Was all he could think as he took in the deep, dark circles underneath his eyes, his unusually pale complexion most likely due to the blood loss from the large gash on his chest, which was covered in dry blood.

He turned the water before taking off the rest of his clothes, letting out a loud sneeze that made his throat burn and sent a painful shock throughout his whole body. On top of everything, he had caught something from being out in the storm last night. He looked upwards and shook his head. Chuck it up. He thought to the heaven above before stepping into the harsh spray of the water. He turned his back to it, because it hurt too much on his wound. Water ran down his body, passing scars, bruises, and tattoo's alike that were spread out among his arms and back. The water ran red into the drain and he watched it for a couple minutes before sucking in a deep breath and turning around to wash out the wound, hoping that it wasn't infected.

He turned off the water before grabbing a towel and quickly drying his body off before wrapping it loosely around his waist. He stepped soundlessly out of the shower before opening the mirror cabinet, grabbing some peroxide, gauze, and a wrap before his expertly cleaned out the wound, clenching his teeth as it stung him. He placed the gauze on then wrapped his midsection up. Feeling slightly satisfied he closed the cabinet and shoved his long brown hair out his face, making a mental note to get a haircut.

He made quick work of brushing his teeth before picking up the disregarded clothes, all except his coat, and tossing them in the fire place, making another note to burn them, sooner better than later. He looked around the small apartment, which consisted of a small old sofa and a tall lamp. No TV, no stereo system, no phone, making it look like someone had just robbed the place. He walked into his small bedroom, which consisted of a queen sized bed with black covers and bed sheets. He grabbed a pair of gray sweat pants from a duffel bag that was placed underneath his bed before pushing it back under and pulling the pants on. He tossed his body unto the bed and stared up at the ceiling with a far-off look.

He closed his eyes only to see those of a terrified child's before his aqua ones flew open and he let out a low breath. Why the hell was the kid there? He thought with a deep frown as his long body spread across the bed. It was suppose to be a simple job, so why was there a goddamn kid there? His eyes flashed with hatred but only aimed at himself. The pain that throbbed throughout his body was nothing compared to the inner turmoil that was going on in his heart and head.

He rubbed his eyes, as if trying to get the memories to just disappear but there was no such luck. Aqua eyes shot open when the blaring sound of an alarm clock made its way from the apartment next to his. He grinned, despite himself, when he heard the low growl of cuss words through the paper thin walls. He had only lived in the dingy apartments for two months and though he never made it a habit of knowing his neighbors, he had heard enough from the girl next door to know a lot about her. She was a sarcastic American girl with the mouth of a sailor most of the time. It was easy to guess her mood by what music she was blasting, now was AC/DC's 'Highway to Hell' and she kept to herself as much as he did. Oh, and she had many disturbing death plans for a man named Greg.

Aqua eyes slowly slid shut as the man thought of the irony of everything. The song, which was where he was sure he was heading, and the death threats, with which he could take care of with the right amount of money.

Three hours later found Lily standing behind the counter, thanking the heavens above that breakfast rush was over with. She began pouring some coffee for a regular, who was sitting at the counter reading the newspaper. Lily walked over and placed the mug in front of the man, who looked up with a smile.

"Did you hear about the murders?" The man asked while Lily faked a smile. She didn't want to hear about all the bad in the world, especially when she was just trying to make it one day at a time. "Wealthy business man, he was brought up on charges for raping a girl a while back but the charges were dropped. There was a lot of talk and speculation about a buy-off but that was never proven true. Then last night, during the storm, his house's electricity was cut. Him along with four body guards were found dead but that's not even the atrocious part." Lily wondered why he couldn't have an obsession with the horoscopes or the funnies? Or at least keep his creepy little obsession about murders and rape to himself. She thought bitterly, her stormy eyes the only thing betraying her faked nice outlook. "He had a son there, a little boy of seven." Lily excused herself and quickly walked away. She could understand a man accused of raping a girl, even the body guards who were protecting the rapist but a little boy? What kind of monster would do that?