Lily stared down at her messenger bag. She was back in the bathroom because she wasn't suppose to die in a towel. Dominic refused to listen to her any further. Her usual gray-blue eyes were now completely gray, devoid of all blue as she moved them from the messenger bag to the window. During her shower she had attempted to open it but there was no way out of it. Her shoulders wouldn't fit threw and even then there was no way to go but a long drop. Her eyes drifted back to the bag before she fell to her knees and began digging.

She found what she was looking for. The object felt heavy in her grasp and she pulled it out. The gun gleamed in the light and shook from Lily's trembling hands. Lily hated guns, after all she had seen she would have to use the one thing she promised herself she would never touch. She had found it in the apartment, in a vent. It probably traced back to some murder but she had kept it, just leaving it in the vent but when she was packing for some reason she grabbed it.

Lily made sure their were bullets it in before standing up and slipping into the back of her jeans, pulling her crème colored sweater over it and hoping Dominic didn't see the bulge. She would have to do it quickly, maybe open the door and just shoot? Or should she wait? She braced herself against the sink and tried to breath evenly, her nasty thoughts were making her light headed. Or maybe that was the wound on her head and all the running she had just done?

Dominic turned when the bathroom door opened. He had to take the silencer off of his gun. The neighbors had to hear the gunshots, and the cops would know it wasn't any normal robber if there was any trace of a silencer being used. He already opened the window that led out to the fire escape, his hood was up and he had thoroughly trashed the place.

Lily had the gun pointed straight at the man even before the door was fully open. Dominic registered what was in her hand within a split second. His hand jerked up and two loud shots rang out through the small apartment.

Dominic stumbled backwards a bit, his brows furrowing as he looked down. His free hand came up and he touched his right shoulder, it came back completely bloody. Aqua eyes narrowed in anger, mostly at himself for being shot. His head snapped up and he looked at Lily but she was no longer in the door. He heard a small whimper and looked down.

Lily kicked the bathroom door shut and only then looked down at herself. So much blood covered her crème sweater that she had no idea where the shots had hit her. She knew there was two because she felt the impact hit her twice. She let out an agonized scream, her body twisting at an odd angle as pain shot throughout her.

Dominic cursed, stumbling forward before reaching out with a gloved hand and ripping open the door, nearly pulling it off its old, rusted hinges as he stared down at the dying girl. Dominic knew he had hit her twice, so the noise of her shot must have mixed with one of his. Dominic grabbed the gun in her hand before trying to raise his right hand.

The aqua eyed man noticed two things, one was his arm was not responding to anything and the second was he was no longer holding his own gun. He turned, shutting out the screams of Lily on the ground as he saw his gun on the ground. He hadn't even remembered dropping it. He shoved the extra gun in his pocket before walking over, forcing his limbs not to give into unconsciousness right then, he gripped it in his left hand and tried not to notice how awkward it felt.

Dominic turned, trying to see through the black dots and he looked into the bathroom. Lily was no longer on the floor and there was no more screams. He gritted his teeth as he followed the blood on the floor before finding Lily's body not too far from the bathroom.

Dominic raised his left arm and aimed for her head. Another shot rang loudly throughout the apartment. Lily's body stilled on the ground. Dominic heard the sirens and ducked out the window, rushing down the fire escape and down the window.

Killing Lillian Kristin Lovell had taken man hours, but from the second Dominic recognized the gun in her hand the whole scene had only taken less than 3 minutes. Now he would disappear and it would be one less psychotic killer who had gotten away with murder.

Dominic stumbled a little as he grinned at that thought. He was a killer who had gotten away with murder. He silently wondered who had the bullet for him. Just a couple more inches over and Lily would have hit his heart and that would have been the end of him.


"You fookin' idiot!" Ainsley hissed as the tweezers dug deeper into Dominic's shoulder. The young man paled even more as he gritted his teeth and tried not to pass out from the pain. It just so happened that the bullet hadn't gone all the way through and now Ainsley was digging out it with monstrous tweezers. She had been cussing nonstop at him since he fell into her drive way.

Dominic didn't know how he made it to Ainsley's house. He nearly killed himself several times by driving off the road. The car he had hid in the alley several blocks away from his apartment was banged up and in pretty bad shape from the mans abuse. His eyes rolled into the back of his head before a sharp pain from his shoulder shocked him from near unconsciousness. Dominic wanted nothing more than to just pass out but Ainsley seemed set on destroying what was left of his shoulder, and she wanted him to listen to her full rant.

"Do I get the money?" Dominic asked weakly. In his slightly delusional state a grin broke though on his face. Ainsley stopped her digging briefly to stare at the man in front of her. The grin was strained and looked almost painful from lack of use and it took the women a moment to realize Dominic was joking.

"Did you just make a joke?" She asked in astonishment. Dominic's head rolled as it became too heavy for him to hold up. After waiting for an answer for a couple minutes and hearing nothing but silence Ainsley went back to the task at hand. Her tweezers closed in around the bullet and she gave a hard yank, pulling it clean out. Dominic snapped to full consciousness and let out a scream that he cut off quickly, stifling it behind gritted teeth.

"Can I pass out now?" Dominic asked weakly, his voice hoarse and his breathing coming out in ragged gasps. Ainsley was about to voice that he should be taken to a hospital but she knew Dominic wouldn't allow that. His body slumped against the chair and his chin rested on his heaving chest. Hazel eyes watched the younger man sleep for long minutes before deciding to clean up the mess. Starting with the bleeding man on her nice black leather chair.


Aqua eyes shifted around the farm area lazily. Dominic was sitting on the stairs of the porch, the unusual bright sun was beating down on him unmercifully. The pain in his shoulder had subsided to a dull thud that spiked whenever he moved so he was as still as a statue. The large Doberman laid next to him, its big head resting on the mans lap.

Dominic was wearing a white tank top that clung to his body. Scars peaked out from his back, most lightly small ones but one thick one ran from the tip of his shoulder until it disappeared into his shirt. The tips of a black tattoo peaked out on both sides of his shoulders. His shaggy brown hair fell over his eyes and stuck to the back of his neck, he silently noted that when Ainsley was done being mad at him he should ask for a hair cut.

"Dom?" Aqua eyes turned and met hazel ones. "Where do you want your plane tickets to go?" Ainsley asked, taking in the ragged appearance of the man in front of her. He had lost weight and the dark circles under his eyes had become darker, while he had lost more color in his skin too. "Was it Belgium?"

"France," Dominic answered after a moment of thinking over the places. Ainsley looked a bit surprised by his answer but didn't argue further.

"I'll book a flight in 8 days, is there anything else you need?" Dominic began to shake his head before stopping himself.

"A newspaper," Ainsley nodded before walking back inside. Dominic turned his attention back to the landscape. His good arm moved and he pet the gentle beast's head, letting his fingers run through the short hair of the dogs.

Nearly two hours later Ainsley came back out, seeing that Dominic had now laid down, half his body in the sun and the other half shaded. The women was about to turn back, thinking Dominic was sleeping until his eyes snapped open and he looked up at her.

"I don't get a newspaper out here but you can use my laptop." She set it down by him before walking back into the house. With a grunt Dominic sat up and turned on the laptop. He went to the search engine and looked up the news for the small town he had just escaped three days prier. He had spent two days in bed and was still fighting off a fever.

Dominic found was he was looking for and skimmed the minuscule article. It had most of the details he expected, the small apartment was trashed and left barren. The girl, who's name wasn't included, had been shot two times. Dominic blinked and looked up another new site.

"Two times…" He muttered to himself, reading another article that was nearly verbatim with the first article. Four sites later he still found the exact same information. "Two times," He closed the computer with a snap and put it off his lap. He had shot Lillian twice in the chest and once in the head. The articles should have said 'three shots'. Two of the articles stated that she died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, which is ridiculous because who lives through a head shot?

He rubbed his face and looked at his left hand. Could it be possible that in the haze when he had switched hands he had missed? Dominic pushed himself up into a standing position and head inside.

He needed to work on his aim. If he had missed and Lillian had survived then he would be in a load of trouble. He wouldn't let that mistake happen again.


Ainsley had taken a "business trip" yesterday and wouldn't be back until late the next day. She was what people in their business called a Contractor, usually it went against their unwritten rules for the Contractor to actually make further contact than the standard letters of their jobs. Sometimes people got mad at the Contractor, hence the reason why they weren't suppose to have actual contact with anyone.

So when Dominic heard the front door squeak open and shut quietly he knew something was off. Ainsley was very punctual, which was why she got angry when Dominic was late, as he often was. There would be no way Ainsley would say she would arrive late Thursday and then show up in the middle of Wednesday.

Dominic rolled off his bed, landing soundlessly on his socked feet. Reaching under the bed he grabbed a spare gun. Along with being punctual the fiery women was always prepared, there was weapons hidden all over the house. Dominic had only been made aware of this one since he had to ditch his previous weapons.

Dominic's trained ears heard the intruders steps walking without care through the living room. He heard Demon's low growl and fierce bark. If it was another assassin he wouldn't hesitate to shoot the dog, especially if he or she were going to kill Ainsley. Dominic opened the door carefully and stepped out into the hall, his gun raised and ready. He wanted to get to the person before they shot Demon but he couldn't risk his own life over the dogs. Ainsley would be ticked if her dog was hurt or killed but there was nothing he could do.

"Oi, don't be like that Demon, I know I 'aven't been 'ere in a while but I'm 'ere now pup," Dominic recognized that voice. His arm dropped and he walked swiftly to the living room. The sight was in front of him was comical. A very large, brute of a man was up on the coffee table, holding a pillow out as a defense. Demon was bent down low, teeth bared and a low continuous growl emitting from him.

"What are you doing here?" Dominic asked. The mans attention snapped to the younger man and so did Demon's. The dog stood up straight and wagged its tail before trotting over to Dominic, sitting loyally next to the aqua eyed man.

"Whut am I doin' 'ere?" The man asked, stepping off of the coffee table and dropping the pillow onto the floor. He crossed his large arms over his chest and narrowed his one good eye at Dominic, who didn't flinch even though to any outsider this large man would crush the much smaller one. "I could ask you the same thing, mate."

"What are you doing here?" Dominic asked once again, emphasizing each pronunciation of the words, getting a sick satisfaction as the heavily accented man narrowed his good eye once again.

"Where is me lass?" He finally grumbled out, annoyed.

"Business trip," Dominic countered back, reaching down and petting Demon's head. "You can leave now Beck." Dominic was tall, standing at just about 6 foot he towered over most people but he looked like a child next to Beck, who was at least 6'6. His body was rippling with large muscles and if that wasn't enough to intimidate anyone, he was littered with scars. The most gruesome one was slashed through his left eye, a thick crooked scar that had made the man go blind in that eye, which was apparent from the hallow nearly all white eye, except a very light blue circle. His other eye was a bright blue color, and he had a short buzz cut.

"I think I'm goin' to wait right 'ere," Beck said with a large grin before planting himself on the couch. Dominic didn't know much about Ainsley but he had met Beck several times. Beck had actually bought Demon for Ainsley. The aqua eyed man didn't believe in love but he knew there was something between the two adults, he just didn't care enough to get into it so he left the large man and went back to his room. Ainsley was grown up, she could deal with him herself.


Dominic sat down in his airplane seat, shoving his carry on under the seat instead of in the over head compartment. He was regretting not going to Belgium, the plane to France was completely packed and even though it was 7 o'clock in the morning and most people had been at the airport since 4 people were still loudly chatting. It was grating on Dominic's last nerve.

After dealing with Ainsley and Beck yelling each other for two days, he had changed his flight. Ainsley had never really gotten mad at Dominic, and now that he had seen her truly mad he was glad for that. God hath no fury like a women's scorn. Dominic now believed that with every inch of his being. The stupidest thing was, the angrier Ainsley seemed to get, the happier Beck was. It was messed up, loud and Dominic couldn't handle it for another day.

His aqua eyes took in his surroundings. In front of him was a family of three, two adults with a little boy who was peeking over the back of the seat and looking at the large, sumo wrestler like man next to Dominic with wide, amazed eyes. Nearest the window was a women with very curly red hair that was pulled messily into a pony tail. All her attention was put into the book, pretending to bend down for his carry-on Dominic noted it was Pride and Prejudice.

"Bonjour!" The small boy greeted in a thick cockney accent. Dominic raised an eye brow at the boy. "We're going to France to visit my aunt, why are you going?" His voice was softer now, not quite as loud as before. The mother glanced at who the boy was talking to before scolding him and making him sit down.

Dominic heard a small chuckle next to him and glanced at the girl again. She was so engrossed in the book that he had a heard time if she had found something amusing in that or was laughing at his lack of social educate. He decided to ignore it as the flight attendant gave instructions in English then again in French.

The red-headed women put her book away to snap her seatbelt on, Dominic followed suit. It took several more minutes until the plane was actually moving. The little boy in front of him yelled out excitedly, trying to lean across his father to see out the window.

Once in the air the women took her book back out and opened to her page, which she had saved with a Joker playing card. She pushed her glasses further up her nose before her stormy eyes glances over at the man next to her. His eyes were closed, his head tilted slightly back to rest on the back of the chair. There was a skinny, light scar that started just below his left ear and curved down, under his jaw before stopping right after sliding across his Adams apple. His dark brown hair was cut in choppy layers, some of it sticking up at odd angles and other pieces hanging down.

Dominic felt eyes on him so he snapped open his aqua eyes and looked over to the women on his left. Her eyes went wide before she looked down at her book. Dominic mentally rolled his eyes before letting his real ones close again. Since his eyes were closed he didn't notice the women's trembling hands, crinkling a page violently until it ripped.

The stormy eyed women quickly pulled the band that was holding her hair up out and let the dark red locks fall, veiling her face from the view of others. She clasped her hands together as the shaking crawled its way up her arms and spread throughout her whole body.

"Can I get anything for any of you?" An older women with an American accent asked, tilting her head to the side. The wrestler-like man asked for a Pepsi, while Dominic shook his head. Her caring eyes landed on the now visibly shaking women. "Dear are you okay?"

"Y-yes," The stormy eyed women answered, ducking her head even lower. "Just nerves." She stuttered out.

"Do you need anything that would help you?" The older women asked, a plastic smile plastered to her face. She knew that the red-head was either on drugs or was actually just bad at flying, both cases could be an extra burden.

"No thank you," She replied politely, trying to pick up her book and pretend that she was fascinated by it. She read the same sentence 10 times without actually understanding it. She glanced from the corner of her eye to look through her hair at the man sitting next to her. He was looking at her without concern, or any other emotion. His aqua eyes were lifeless, devoid of everything. Her whole body shook violently at the sudden rush of memories.

Dominic wondered if the women was having a bad trip, he tried to look for other familiar signs of a junky but she didn't portray any others. She was reading Pride and Prejudice, what junky reads that? Not only that she seemed perfectly fine when he first sat down.

The stormy eyed women relived being rushed to the hospital. She had died, for nearly two minutes no breath had escaped her or so the doctor had told her. She had been in a shabby hospital for a day before she paid the doctor off. He had taken the money greedily and she had spun a tale about a crazy boyfriend, the doctor had reported her dead to the public but didn't tell them a name for the women had disappeared that night.

With a shaky hand she put it over her left side. A bullet had bit her there and another three inches further up. The wounds were still fresh and caused her a lot of pain. She reached up and ran her finger over a small wound on her forehead that had healed up nicely and was now just lightly puckered and barely visible when she had her hair down. That was where the bullet that was meant for her head had missed her and lodged itself into the floor.

Lily was sitting next to her murderer, as far as he was concerned she was dead and she would like to keep it that way. She took several deep breaths and was glad when the only trembling that remained came from her hands, which was a lot better than her whole body shaking.

It had been hard but she had hidden out in a little motel. She had cut several inches off of her long hair and let it go back to her natural wild curls before dying it a deep, dark red. She started wearing her reading glasses all the time when she was out in public, which hadn't been often and stuck to wearing dark clothes.

She couldn't believe her luck. Not only was she going to be in the same country as the assassin but she was on the same plane, sitting right next to him. She believed someone upstairs was playing games with her and having a good laugh about it.

"Oi, sorry." The wrestler apologized when he accidentally bumped into Dominic's right shoulder while trying to get up. Dominic had clenched his teeth and shrunk back from the touch, running into Lily. Lily's eyes went wide as Dominic grabbed his shoulder protectively then remembered she had gotten off a shot.

Deserves you right, I'm just sad the shot didn't go through your throat or heart, if you even have one. Lily wanted to shout, her eyes narrowing in pure hatred before turning back to her book. She mourned the crinkled and ripped page for she had just bought this copy at the small store in the airport.

Though Lily tried to read she couldn't ignore the body beside her. Dominic was still pushed slightly against her, his elbow was against hers and his knee was a mere centimeter from her leg. He was warm and she could feel that was also very tense. Lily wondered if he had managed to sneak a gun on the airplane or if he had one waiting in France.