I'm almost wishing I were almost naked
Stripped to the barest of myself
Bones and flesh and soul mixed together
Exposed and reaching towards you
Then maybe you would remember me

Touch my tears they're real this time
I guess I finally learned how to cry
Pinch the wetness with your fingertips
Try and imagine how I think I feel

Run your hands along my body
Linger where the scars are
Brush your pretty hands at the ugliness
Maybe then you'll realize you put it there

I can remember how I trembled
Your almost hand touching my almost face
Almost kisses that became more than that
Maybe that was the reason you couldn't love me

With my almost not quite red hair
Blue eyes that could never
Not ever in the forevers of life
Be as beautifully broken blue as yours

With my poetry and imaginary things
Refusal of the realities binding everyone else
I love pretending like you love pretending
But maybe that's the only thing we could be

Am I still a pretty picture of nothing
My mediocrity far enough away for things to be ok
Good enough for one night moonless skies
But never more than what you can touch

Pluck me a thousand words from your garden
Of the whys and lies and excuses
Every reason I can't be we with you
While mine linger behind my lips
Playing with my tongue watching your mouth
Love words hate words death notes and poetry
Stuck between my teeth

So please come see what you've created
Beautiful it's not and almost less than alive
Melancholy thoughts and phrases on its pen
Dying simply because you told it to live

Do you recognize me now