Update October 3, 2012:
So, I thought I should finally get around to saying this. DOTH originated from the fervent mind of a seventeen year old high on yaoi and the like. I'm not going to apologize for it, I put a lot of effort into writing this thing, and it took three years, but it has a lot of issues. Issues I tried to address later on, rather then ignore or get rid of them. To sum it up, I am aware of the problems... I have been since before I finished writing DOTH.

What I am going to do is leave a blanket warning: This story romanticizes abuse, controlling behavior, kidnapping, and assault. It does not depict healthy relationships.

MAJOR MAJOR The first chapter is long, and boring because it gives the setting, so if you want to avoid that, just know these things, and than skip down to when Remm appears. Thank You!

Private High School, Rich and Snobby Kids

Football is God

Hello! Well, I just redid the document due to helpful advice to make more paragraph breaks, ingenius! I must say, no one hates giant, undouble-spaced, paragraphs more than I. Anyway, WARNING THIS STORY CONTAINS LIGHT SLASH MEANING MALE/MALE and FEMALE/FEMALE PAIRINGS! EVIL LAUGHTER LEAVE IF YOU BELIEVE THIS WILL CORRUPT YOU!

Summary: Set in a Prep School, this story revolves around the integration of demon students into the human student population. This will set off a few problems however, considering humans carry what demons call "scent triggers". If a human carries a certian demon's scent trigger, than that demon will be very attracted to that human. Also considering that demons tend to aggresive, self-assured and unreasonably charming (to some) it's obvious to the school's faculty that some serious problems could arise. What is in store for Melean Prep's students? Oh dear...it must be slash!

Demons of the Heart: Chapter One

Introduction to the School

Melean Prep was not known for being well meaning, or generous. It did not hide its obvious preference for students whose parents had large wallets, and small time for their children. It catered unabashedly to the foreign emissaries and the local tycoons…any tycoon for that matter. Parents who had a love for money and eternal youth did not want to be reminded of their waning exuberance, so they sent their children off to boarding school, to be raised by underpaid faculty. Melean wanted to have an image of being prestigious and well funded, and it accomplished this image. The Board of Furthering the Accomplishments and Prosperity of Melean, or rather BFAPM, ran the prep school as if it were a ship filled with precious, high paying cargo. Their only goal was to have the ship reach its destination with the cargo intact, and a promise for new students for the next journey. This was all summed up into Meleans ridiculous and cheesy motto: "Ride High and Well into the Future!"

In fact, at the end of every school year the headmaster of the school was forced to say this motto to the entire student body during the welcoming dinner. His enthusiasm for this remark was matched by that of the students, who always mumbled under their collective breaths that by "future", BFAPM meant the sunny beaches and chilly ski slopes that the well endowed Melean students would eventually end up, for no alumni actually worked after they graduated, they simply went off to blow their inheritance, fulfilling the tradition of their generations past.

Melean was also unashamed to be part of the clichéd competition of High School Football. They recruited all of the best athletes from anywhere they could find them, mind you that this wasn't exactly a large pool to draw from considering the extra requirement of being inherently good looking, well-bred and sickeningly rich. It was not lost on the student body that they were all peons to be tolerated, because their parents paid for toleration. They knew that their only job was to be beautiful and rich, to attend the football games, and to support the team with unbridled passion. This vapid and shallow tradition may have been unsettling to some, but the students at Melean were never unsettled…they were happy to be vapid and shallow, it created less stress wrinkles.

Actual learning, schooling and education of any sort came second to the social climbing and ravaging gossip that spread through the school like wildfire. Guys like Brad Jameson, resident quarterbacker, with his muscle-bound good looks and clean-cut, blond hair, walking through the halls, surveying the students as if they were his royal subjects. Football was all consuming, and because Melean was one of the best, parents sent their prized children there, so they could be the best.

There was one thing that BFAPM was ashamed about, and that was the much-hated P. Marshall Scholarship. P. Marshall was a "doddering, old fool" as the current president of BFAPM would say. He prized higher learning, and academic achievement. He didn't rule out students because of their bloodline, or financial status. He also happened to be very rich, and very dead. BFAPM was thrilled that the bumbling idiot was no longer in their midst, and had not been so for a very long time. However, P. Marshall, in his great wisdom, had written in the school charter that there shall always be one boy and one girl whom the school would pay tuition for. "These two children must come from a poor background, and have had great brilliance." P. Marshall had written, and because he was exorbitantly rich, he could fund this rule well after his death. BFAPM cursed this miracle of generosity with all of their might.

Melean itself was a beautiful school, with large grounds surrounding it. The Main Hall, shaped like a giant square, with a courtyard in the middle, was built with brick and housed the students, and dining room. Behind the Main Hall were the smaller, academic departments: Melean Hall, Dob Hall and Fuller House. Beautiful gardens and grassy hills sloped around the halls, with tables for the students so that they may enjoy the outdoors. It was The Office that occupied the Fuller House, that is to say, the offices of the headmaster, treasurer, the two vice-principals, and all of their secretaries. It was however, the Headmaster's office, which contained an ever-growing drama that was about to burst forth and upset the whole beautiful, vapid and shallow routine of Melean Prep.

Headmaster Thomas was thirty-five, quiet and well kept. He managed to keep off the many pounds of useless flesh that had eventually plagued all of his old college chums, the studious types, who hadn't seen any sunlight for some years. He wore tweed suits, sweater vests on casual days, and he was known for chewing on the end of his glasses while he thought. BFAPM chose Remm Thomas because they considered him to be moldable, and unobtrusive. They were usually right. It was in this vain that they had unleashed the latest news on the Headmaster; fully expecting him to take any flak and blame that might be hurled in their direction.

"Demons?!" asked Ms. Prevall, her shock quite evident from the way she squeaked out the word, as if it were the worst curse.

"Well Diana, frankly put, demons are faster, stronger and just physically better than humans." Remm replied, trying to make the decision seem rational. "You know how Melean Prep values…physical prowess." He stuttered on. "Now that the College Football League has decided to allow demons into the mainstream teams, high schools are following suit, and Melean cannot be seen as obsolete…"

Ms. Prevall simply sighed and began one of her notorious lectures: "Remm, you know that by allowing growing demons into this school, you are turning Melean into a…a metaphorical brothel." She paused only to give her patented "disappointed look" before continuing on, "It is well known that demons only bother with this "integration" because it gives their children a large source of humans to chose from, teenagers! Students whose safety depends on us…" She trailed off.

Headmaster Thomas took a moment to decide whether he would explain his true feeling over the matter, or stick to the obvious bullshit that BFAPM had told him to say. It barely took a moment to decide, and he leaned close to Ms. Prevall, his most trusted teacher, friend even, and told her, "Diana, there is no stopping this, all of the prep schools have already made their move, and the Board will do anything to make sure Melean is on top. Now, I can quit to make a statement, but the Board would only hire someone else to do their bidding… or I can stay here and do my best to protect the students." He said this with such emotion and sincerity, that it gave Diana pause. She had come to the office, expecting to have a full blowout with the Headmaster, but instead found herself to be in a conspiracy to protect the students.

It was at this moment that a cheery, but aggressive knock sounded out from the door. Diana watched Remm's eyes expand, and so she asked him quietly, "Who is that?" He looked from the door, to her, and said "Possibly my worst nightmare realized." And with that, the door swung open, and a loud and self-assured voice rang out: "Remm, how long it has been?"

The intruder was Doug Vollander, Demon liaison for the Demon Student Integration Administration. He strode through the office, and swung around Remm's desk, where he sat, facing Remm, his pose in an overbearing haunch. "It really has been too long, you know." He said, "I guess you never got my correspondence…" his smile only faltering for a moment. "Well no problem, I'm here now, and we'll be working quite closely for the next year." He chuckled, brushing a strand of hair from Remm's face, his hand lingering on the headmaster's pale skin. Remm looked as if he were going to die right then, and said with a slight hint of annoyance, "Well, Doug, it only has been month since the BFAPM meeting and all, and I really doubt that our paths will need to cross a whole lot throughout the year…"

Vollander simply smiled, shook his head slightly, as if Remm had said something endearingly silly, and said "Maybe, maybe not…" It was at this moment that Ms. Prevall decided to take action and save poor Headmaster Thomas. "Well Mr. Vollander, if you don't mind, the Headmaster and I were having a private conversation." Vollander looked over at Ms. Prevall as if he had just realized that she was in the room, his eyes growing slightly colder, however his smile staying rigidly the same. "Oh…I am so sorry that I interrupted…well then Remm, I will come visit later, and we can…talk." He gave one more glowing smile to the Headmaster, and then whisked himself from the room.

The silence that took his place was deafening. All Remm could do was stare at his desk, unable to face Ms. Prevall, and so she decided to restart the conversation. "Well, Mr. Thomas…what was that?" she asked, unable to hide her curiosity. Still Remm sat there, seemingly unable to speak, so Diana continued "Remm, either you can tell me, or I can leave, and you can continue to stare a hole through your desk." She threatened.

"Well frankly.." He replied, "I just don't know. Mr. Vollander had been staring at me all throughout the BFAPM meeting a month ago, and then he sent many…many letters, asking me out for…tea." He said, disbelief evident in his voice. "I feel as if I am being daft, but really, the man cannot be more than twenty-five, and he is showing an alarming interest in me."

He paused then to gauge Ms. Prevall's reaction, and then continued on, "I sent him one letter, asking him what joke he was trying to pull, because I really am a busy man, and do not have time for silliness, and he simply replied that there was no joke, and that he was quite determined to share a milkshake or some such with me, and really I have been dreading the moment of which you just witnessed."

Ms. Prevall took a second to mull over what Remm had said, and then began, "Well…you have gained a Demon's attention, obviously you carry his scent trigger, and there is really nothing we can do about it, Demons are known for not giving up when they find a scent trigger." She finished. "But!…But…he must be ten years younger than me…" Remm whined. Ms. Prevall looked at the Headmaster skeptically, and said "Well Remm, it appears that you will need the protection, never mind the students."