Mommy was a druggie

And Daddy didn't care

Brother was off and away

Which leaves no body there

No one to guide her or

Take her by the hand

Because everyone assumed that

On her own she may stand

She was so young

She was so small

Though she's lived barely

Any years

It seems she has been though

It all.

She came home from school one day

And everything was fine

'Til Daddy said "Come here, let's talk"

She saw her whole world crash before

Her eyes

All the walls came tumbling down

She had no where to go

There was nothing left to do but wait

Wait for the sun to end thing dreadful night.

All she could do is hope

Hope that everything will be all right

But she knew that nothing will be the same

That the family portrait on the wall will

Never be again

Daddy said "It's okay, you just gotta be strong"

But in her head she couldn't but think

That it was her fault all along.