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Mayi's POV

"Stop fidgeting." Logan told me when we we're out of the tattoo store and making our way through the crowd.

"It's itchy." I whined while I tugged Logan's arm. He sighed annoyingly and looked back at me.

"You were the one who wants a tattoo, so you have to suffer the consequences. And don't you scratch it." He told me patronizingly like I was a little child. I rolled my eyes and tugged his arm harder. He turned around and I was met by his cold stare.

What is up with him?

"What could you possibly want?" he spat harshly. I let go of his arm and back away. He shot me a questioning look and I pouted.

"I'm hungry."

Yeah I know, I know, I'm acting like a little child. I just want to test Logan's patience with me. Is that a crime? –evil laugh here-

I looked up and saw Logan's eyes landed on someone behind my shoulder. I raised my eyebrows then I looked behind my shoulders to see a crowd of people. I looked back at Logan to see him frowning.

"Logan?" I whispered and that cut him off his deep thoughts. He looked down at me and tugged my arm, he started dragging me through the fountain at the center of the mall.

"Logan, what the-?"

But I didn't finish my supposed-to-be rant when I heard a female voice behind us calling Logan's name. I felt Logan froze then I pulled my arm back. I touched Logan's shoulder and whispered "Logan, what's wrong?"

He looked behind his shoulder and down at me, I could see fear and something I couldn't quite decipher in his eyes. I cast him a questioning look, he sighed and turned around completely. He looked up and I saw it, I saw something flashed in his eyes.

Fear? Dissapointment?

What the?

"Logan!" I tore my gaze on Logan and saw a girl just about our age threw her arms at Logan's neck. Logan hesitantly hugged her back. I stood there, surprised and somewhat confused.

Who in the heck is this girl?

After decades of hugging, the girl finally let go, I took the chance to study her.

A total replica of Barbie, that's what.

Long shiny blonde hair, a petite body, tanned skin and the brightest blue eyes I've ever seen. When she pulled back, she finally noticed me and smiled warmly.

"Hi! I'm Megan." She held out a hand and I shook it.

"Umm, Mayi, nice to uhh meet you." I muttered. Megan smiled showing off two racks of blinding white teeth and turned back to Logan.

"So! How are you? Wow, it's been a long time since I saw you!" She said, Logan smiled but it didn't reach his eyes.

"Yeah, uhh, what are you doing here Megan?" Logan asked, I could've whacked his head for using a bitter tone but I resisted it. Megan, I think, didn't even catch that tone of voice Logan used because she kept on smiling.

"What? Logan, we're moving back here! And guess what, I'm going to be attending your school too!" Logan eyes were suddenly narrowed and he swallowed.

"What about Jared?"

And as if on cue, a guy suddenly appeared on Megan's side and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. Logan suddenly tensed up and I looked down to see his fist clenched. It didn't take a genius to see that Logan was furious.

I didn't know what urged me to do what I did next.

I found myself holding his clenched fists softly until he unclenched it then I intertwined our fingers. I squeezed his hand while I bit my lip nervously. I looked up to see him staring down at me smiling warmly. I returned a smile back.

Hence, my heartbeat going at least more than five beats a second. Sarcasm? Nuh-uh.

"So, Logan, how are you man?" The guy asked and we both turned to look at them.

"I'm fine Jared; you?" Logan asked. The boy flicked his dirty blond hair away from his face, his hazel eyes shining brightly.

"Likewise, and who's this dashing young lady?" now that'd be the worst pick up line I'd ever heard. I feel Logan's hand squeezed mine reassuringly and I looked up and smiled at them hesitantly.

"She's Mayi, a friend of mine. What are you doing here anyways?"

"Well, the folks decided to move back here. Nice to meet you Mayi." Jared said and before I could comprehend what's happening, Megan spoke.

"Jared and I are siblings. Didn't Logan tell you?" I shook my head, why would Logan tell me anything about them? I was about to ask the question but Megan, as if reading my mind, talked again.

"Both our parents were old friends and stuff." Oh.

"Oh, uhh, okay." I told her quietly. She smiled warmly at me and turned to look at Logan again.

"So Logan, I heard that you have half the female population of Aura High ogling over you huh?" Like I didn't hear that phrase enough.

"Where'd you hear that from?" Logan asked mockingly. Huh, I think he's back from being a narcissistic jerk. What's with the mood swings? God.

"Oh I don't know, from all those girls I saw when I visited Aura high yesterday! Ha!" Megan roared getting attention from a lot of passerby's. I zoned out after that.

I looked up at Logan and saw his eyes filled with… hidden happiness?

Huh, nice alliteration there buddy.

Ahem, I certainly digress.

Anywho, happiness? A minute earlier he was about to pop a vein in his head when this girl came out and now his eyes are SMILING? What in the? You can seriously see it even when you're five hundred thousand million miles away from him with all those bright emeralds shining giddily. Giddily? WTF?!


And that's me throwing off derogatory comment about said boy.

Me? Jealous? Nah.

I'm being repetitive aren't I?

Blame mr. manwhore beside me.

"...it's nice meeting and all but mom wants us to go home right now." I heard Megan say which cut me out of my musings. I glanced up at her and saw that she was already kissing Logan on the cheek.




"See you man." Jared said and Logan nodded.

Then the next minute Logan's dragging my ass off the nearby bench at the fountain. When we sat down, or should I say when he shoved my ass down the bench, I noticed that he was sweating like mad and he's panting heavily.

"Logan, are you okay?" I asked softly. He looked at me at the corner of his eyes while he leaned back the bench and sighed deeply.

"Yeah… I'm fine…" but I certainly thought otherwise.

"No you're not. You're sweating like a fat person and I'm under the impression that you're asthmatic what with all you breathing-"

I was cut off by Logan's phone ringing. He pulled it from his butt pocket then flipped it open.

"Hello? Yeah. I don't know. really? You got her to get flowers? You're insane. The mall. Yeah. Sure. Hell no. that's all I have Liz. Nope. What? no! Liz! I swear to our granpa's dead body I-, wait. Did Heigh told you to do this?! I was just wondering! No need to get all nazi on me. sure. Gah. mmkaaaay couz. I get it. I'll find whatever I find… ookaaaaay. See yah." Then he flipped his phone shut.

I stared at him at amazement.

"Logan, do you know that you talk like a freakin' girl?" I asked mockingly. His eyes got wide as if it just occurred to him that there was someone sitting beside him. I smiled mischievously and laughed.

"oh –laughs- my –laughs- god. LOGAN!" I continued laughing my ass off and I was sure I saw amusement from Logan's eyes while he glared daggers at me. Was that even possible?

When I finally had the urge to calm down a little bit, I looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

"Care to elaborate?" I asked him.

"That's what you get for growing up with girls. Girl cousins. Two of them." He said in a matter-of-fact tone. I refrained from snickering.


"And I just adapt their… you know… but I only talk like that when I'm talking to them! Namely, Liz and Heigh." I nodded in agreement while imagining Logan dressed as a drag queen. What.a.sight.

"So that's Liz on the phone?"

"Yeah, and do you know what she wants me to do on her wedding?" Logan whined.

"For the last time, stop whining. It's not good for your reputation as a toughy guy and all that whatnots." I received a glare for that of course. " Anywho, what did she want you to do?"

"She wants me to bring-" he stopped mid-sentence as if he just realized some brain-wrecking epiphany. I waited for him to continue further while he stared at me. scrutinized is more like it.

"Logan, hello?" I said while I waggled my hands in front of his face. He caught it and put it down gently on his lap.

Oh, that's my stomach performing a back flip by the way.


"Yeah?" I muttered.

"Are you a blonde bimbo?" and that was the sound of my hands in his face.

"Ouch! Why the heck did you that?!" He asked.

"You asked me a stupid question and I was under the impression that you're brain isn't working so I just have to slap you. You know, to wake you up." He stared at me while he caressed his face.

"It fucking hurts."

"That's what my tattoo feels right now. We're even. Anyways, why the stupid question? I'm not blonde and I don't have the intellectual range of a three year old too." I asked him furiously. He sighed and leaned back.

"Liz wants me to take someone at the wedding."

"I don't see any blonde bimbos and me being in relation to that topic."

"She wants me to take someone."

"You already said that bucko. I forgot, you have blond hair too which implies that you're a.) moronic b.)mentally retarded c.)all of the above." He narrowed his eyes at me. "What? What did I say wrong now?"

"I'm taking you." Any person should be flattered but being me, I'm not.


"You're not declining?"

"Well, it's a wedding. I love weddings."

"Oh. okay. It's in two weeks."

"Yeah? Uh huh."

"I really didn't finish that sentence though." he said while seating straight and looking at me.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm taking you as a date Mayi. Liz doesn't want me to take all those blond bimbos I've gone out with so the next best thing is you. And you proved it yourself that you're not one of them right?" I stared at him with disbelief written all across my face. The next best thing? I glared at him.

"So long story short, I'm your last resort?" Logan's head snapped to meet mine.

"What?! of course not! How could you possibly think that? You're just the only girl who isn't worshipping my greek-god like figure." The ego. the egoooooooooo. "and you were my first choice even before Liz told me to not bring bimbos. I mean, that's like, outrageous or something. God, why do you think that?" he said in one breathing.

Despite me feeling warm all over my body especially the slight tugging of my heart from it's vein's while he said those words, I smiled at him murderously.

"What are you thinking?" he asked. He still has my hand on his lap and it's only then that I realized that he was running his thumb slowly at the back of my hand.

And. It. Feels. Good.

And I'm insane.

Anyways… back to the story.

"You talk like a girl." that's when I started laughing like an idiot and I heard Logan saying something like "At least you're not declining from the offer."

I smiled warmly at that.

"Mayi?" I looked up and saw Tony and Heigh standing in front of Logan and I. and they were both smirking albeit disturbingly.

"What are you doing here?" I asked Heigh who was tugging on Tony's arm while he was in a staring contest with Logan.


"Should I ask you the same question you Filipina beauty you." I scoffed.

" Not until you answer mine first." I would have smiled evilly if Logan hadn't started elaborating senselessly about a certain something with Tony which Heigh heard and now she was smirking.

The question. What did the dufus elaborated that made Tony and Heigh (the lovebirds) smirk like the evils incarnates?

"Hmm, Mayi got a tattoo, Liz called me to tell me that I have to take someone at her wedding as a date and I asked Mayi out and she didn't decline whatsoever. Soooo, I'm taking her."

God, he sounds like a girl.

No offense to the blondes. I wish I have blonde hair… haha.