Yes, your eyes don't decieve you. I have decided to repost this story, REDONE, REVIVED, REJUVIANTED!!!

So I hope that you guys will really enjoy it now that it's WAY better than it was before and like how I had originally intented it to be.

A couple of notes real quick. The name "Fukai Ai : Ichinen" means "Deep Love : Frist Year" in Japanese. I intend, even with its release on here, to get it published. On my website (which is currently under construction) and on deviantArt, I have pictures to accompainy this story. I hope everyone will check those out too, when they are up. On that note, you can go to any search engine on the web and type in my name and find my accounts. So, if for SOME reason, you can't find my dA or website, you can still find me.

So, on with my most sincere work, "Deep Love : First Year" by Kurohane Shizumi.

P.S.: Monaru x Kotaru FOREVER