Salt water was dissolved in my skin
(from those time)
But it never quite evaporated…
It is in the oddest time
That it seeps back to the surface
And shows itself.
In a black tank top
And patriotic pajama pants
I remember.
In a vodka bottle
And broken glass
I cry.
When I am running
I shiver and shake.
When I bleed
I fear.
All of these odd
Random times
Bring back bad memories
That I hoped that I had hid
Well enough
-I guess I was wrong…-
A g a i n
(such a common occurrence)
This day and age…
For me, at least
And I keep wondering why God
Let's these things come back
Why the devils still has me locked in these chains
Although it's as faint as the faded scent of perfume
It is still there.
It doesn't hurt (as much)
But why does it linger?
Why does it stay?
I guess God is protecting me
From ever letting it happen again
Because what is forgotten
Will be repeated
So I let my saltwater dissolve back into my skin
(I'll forget it for now)
But I'll let the little reminders
be the warnings of the future.