Was exposed to tragedy
And tragedy is what she became
When one is innocent
And naïve
There is nothing to be confused about
Nothing to have fear in
Or cause fear
You live inside that perfect world
Where everyone is sweet
And flowers line the doorways
The one without drugs
And abuse
Harsh words and
Anger problems
But when alcohol consumes one's mother
And abuse becomes a daily routine
She is bruised
And so is her innocence
At school,
Innocence was exposed to more horror
Cursing and
People smoking
And giving themselves away for love
And after innocence was bruised
Her thoughts were tainted
And she thought she only deserved this way of life
She hung out with these people
And became like them
Exposure changes minds
Expose yourself to things pure
And holy
Don't let your innocence be tainted
The people you hang out with
And things you let yourself see
Is what you become
Exposure, media
And friends
Can become who you are
(if you let it)
Don't fit in to the mold they make everyone with
Or be something that you are not
Don't become another cliché
A walking clone
(it wasn't who you were meant to be)