Happiness is more than just
The way your hair curled
And the quantity (or lack thereof)
Of imperfections on your flesh
Happiness is more than the outer smile
And radiant beams of the sun
On smooth skin
Happiness is more than a kiss
Or a good day
Happiness can be found in the rain
In the refraction of a raindrop
(a rainbow)
Or in the broken wings of a bug
(glittering and beautiful.)
Some people found happiness in a prison
Happiness is not just a feeling
It's a perspective
It's a choice
As well as sadness and tragedy
Don't let your problems control you
Control them (if you can)
Or lay them at the feet of Jesus
Because he is bigger
Than the spiders
And the clowns
And every other thing
That causes fear and tragedy in people
Happiness is something that is found
or can be made.
Not something depend upon circumstances.