Every time I hear the chords
Woven into the song
I see your face
It is in a dark field
Surrounded by colored lights
And screaming in the background
I see our reflection
Our shadow
Our memories
Written on the metal of the microphone
And the words lace my memories
I see the green cross
That tried to stop my tears
After you ran away
-for good-
Or at least for awhile
(feels like forever)
Yet the forever that we had
Came crashing down
Through grass and pinecones
On a field in the dark
I still see your face
Remember your touch
(as much as I try to forget)
Reflections shine in my favorite songs
(they are turning sour)
And in my favorite shirts
(they are heading over to Good Will)
In my favorite foods
(they are melting in my stomach's acid)
While it is churning
And waiting for your voice
And comforting words
Waiting for God to tell me the distance
Was all just a dream
And I am waiting for the flashbacks
To stop
b.r.e.a.k.i.n.g. me
the silence kills
and so do the memories
and the scars.
That I have (in everything I seem to do)
Stop consuming me
Break the chains, Jesus.
Set me free
From the memories, songs and scars
(from the reminder of his face).