Author's Last Note

That's the story well and truly over. It's not like I didn't enjoy writing this, but you must understand it was my first ever completed story, and I don't actually like it too much. I am keeping it up though; although it's a juvenile story, and it's adolescent structure brings it down, I will be editing, perhaps a little, perhaps a lot. I'm not sure. As for the style, that'll stay the same, as I just can't be bothered to do that much work. I'll tend to the needs, make it better and clearer, and that'll be that (:

Regarding Reviews.

Quite a few said how are story made you cry (:
That's good in several ways, I'm glad you can feel emotion with the story.
I thank ALL of the people that have reviewed, ever, because it gives confidence to sign in and see reviews left by people who read.
I just have several notes for some reviewers:

Invisible Writer: I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I personal don't actually like it, and was perhaps a little withdrawn, thus I found it difficult to maintain the characters. This may explain some of the points you noted. Also, some chapters were incredibly forced, which I suppose was never a good thing, but I feel incomplete if I don't write a little here and there. As for any other things you may have pointed out, that may just be due to my tendancy's, however, I do not really see some points. Kaelyn was never a party hard kind of girl, I was simply setting the scene. What was in my head came out different in the story, and that is why I am going to begin editing it after Christmas. I guess you took Kaelyn as she appeared; but this inconsistency is real as the character is completely based on my friend. However, thank you for your critism, I know what to do to make the story more adaquate later.

TwinkleHeart: a big thanks for ALL your reviews. I've not been unaware of them, I was just deciding to leave it until now to comment. I'm glad you've stuck with the story from practically the beginning, and reviewed almost all the chapters; it's great to see I can keep one person's attention, even if it IS only one.

Oooh.Look.A Cat: thank you for all the support through the chapters, I think some of your reviews are humorous. Your input was amusing (: I'm glad you enjoyed my story enough to keep reading, it was good news (:

TwilightLove: thank you. You have been with the story from the beginning, no? Oh well, yes, it was good to see SOMEONE read my notes; haha. Did you and your friends get together to do the ZOMBIE MARCH in the end? Or was that just a hopeless case like mine? (:

Sir Write Alot: HAHA amusing input, thank you!!! It's been good to see you've stayed with me through the story!! Although, fizzling out at the end, but you are forgiven! (: I love your Leon and Kae Fight For Love thingy going on... you always just wanted them to get together; if that happened, there would be no story!!

hopelessromantic444: thank you for your reviews, short and sweet and making me smile (:

ichigo ame: thank you for all the reviews, you always credit my chapters, that was nice to see (: I hope I'll see you in my next story, if not, I'll go and look at yours?

vampirachica: thank you; You were VERY amusing!! Haha. It's been good to see someone follow the story. OH, I hope my note on 'Differences' was okay, I wasn't purposely being overly critical, I just wanted to make sure you put your abilities out there and got some positive feed back!

Thank you all.