This is how much you mean

I wish I could hold you close to me,

waiting for that moment to be.

You're my sweet melody,

that I hold so dear to me.

Your every feature I can't see,

even so; you're beautiful to me.

In the reflection of those brown eyes I see,

could it possibly be me?

My affection isn't that hard to see,

although yours sometimes confuses me.

I hope we don't grow apart,

pain would overwhelmingly break my heart.

What happens is up to you,

there is nothing I would force you to do.

My questions are few,

I don't have much else to ask of you.

I hope you feel the same,

if not; I'm likely to go insane.

Those lips; so sweet and lush,

I have to fight the urge to touch.

Talking to you gives me such a rush,

imagine if we meet,

all the challenges we could crush.

I give these words to you,

knowing we can make it through.

You're always in the back of my mind,

and it makes me smile all the time.

I can't explain how much you mean to me,

some day I'll have a chance,

to show you just how much that will be.