For if you leave

If you leave,

there will much to grieve.

Though our time is short,

I hope we can hold on,

I want to keep our bond,

though it may not be that strong.

I mean no harm,

endlessly trying to reach out my arm.

It doesn't seem fair,

that everyone else gets to be near.

When I stare into your eyes,

I loose every bit of my despise.

Since you're not mine to please,

I show my affection by being a tease.

I'm fickle I know,

but for you my feelings really show.

One small kiss,

would be total bliss,

not that I'd ask you for this.

Work days will start to fade in and out once you're away,

I'll start to hate every single day.

Our friendship will start to decay,

seeing as how I won't be able to talk to you in any way.

I may have had too much to say,

I want you to know I'll think about you every day.

You'll always be special to me,

in your own little way.

For if you leave...

This message I hope you understand and receive.