I wonder if I could die of a broken heart,
Because it seems in life, I've played my part.
From now on, I'll never be the same,
For now, I am the one in pain.
These last few hours, I laid and cried,
My only wish was to die.
He must have realized,
With my heart in his hand,
Knew that I thought it would never end.
He played me like a fiddle, used me like a tool,
Until I left him, I was his fool.
Broken pieces of my heart,
Tears cried from my eyes,
I still cannot believe I trusted him
And his lies.
My days will be fine without him,
But my nights will go slowly.
I know this because,
I know how it feels to be lonely.
This is no love token,
It is a sad emotion.
This is what happens
When you feel heartbroken.