Poor girl doesn't realize

Thinks she's worth

no more than her body

Such a... pretty thing

So smart-

she had dreams

Of pretty things

a house of her own

Of glasses of roses

yellow roses-her favorite

But he brought her

white daisies instead

He said he loved her

she said I love you too

He asked her to prove it-

to show him her love was true

So she took him to

her parents' house

led him to her room

Where she'd dreamed

all her big dreams

of a house full of fragile things

Laid in the bed

of her childhood

he took her innocence

Grunting and moaning

fulfilling himself

Never touching her big dreams

But breaking fragile things

As she stared up at the ceiling

And he didn't realize

When she slowly

closed her eyes

And began to cry

For the dreams that would

never materialize

the house she'd longed for

And the roses she adored

As she accepted

the daisies.